As we are already into the first half of the year we want to look back at the past six months for a quick review of how already amazing 2024 as been so far at EP Equipment.


EP Equipment revolutionizes warehousing and logistics in Australia

E-Commerce Xpress, a leading 3PL provider, is transforming the game with EP’s lithium-powered trucks.

Terry at E-Commerce Xpress says that the most favored truck among them is the JX1 order picker. “Its size and speed is perfect for all types of scenarios. Its platform offers great visibility and feels very well ergonomically designed. It offers the operator more than enough space to move on the platform while elevated, while feeling 100% safe and secure.” The JX1 is a workhorse that improves overall handling efficiency while reducing the risk of injury.

EP's reach truck being used in a e-commerce express warehouse.

First 18t truck is delivered in Europe to EP Dealer Holthuis Gabelstapler Vertrieb GmbH

At EP Equipment, we know the advantages of electric material handling equipment powered by Lithium-ion batteries. We use Li-ion in our equipment no matter the capacity or intensity of usage. For this reason, even our high-capacity forklift trucks have all the benefits of lithium-ion technology.

EFL1802 has a rated capacity of 18 tons and 614.4V/230Ah Li-Ion battery. The machine is equipped with cabin with heater and A/C, pin type fork holder with side shift and fork positioner. This high capacity Li-ion forklift offers enhanced safety thanks to its distance sensors and rear camera to enhance safety even further.

EP Equipment at BigMat France with Olteck & Co.

A great successful story from a happy customer who joined the Lithium revolution- BigMat France Girardon goes green! The international chain of independent traders for construction materials, BigMat, has embraced innovation by replacing its diesel forklift fleet with the lithium–ion forklift EFL303S from EP Equipment. This transition in their material handling equipment marks a significant step towards sustainability and efficiency in material handling operations.

 EFL303S electric forklift being used in BigMat warehouse.


EP launches new 5t forklift: CPD50L1

Meet CPD50L1 with a new appearance combining both practical and aesthetic design! Born from CPD50F8, CPD50L1 has a smaller size and higher performance!

The smaller L2 (2900mm) and turning radius (2675mm) enable it to operate in narrow spaces. The bolt-on top guard offers maximum flexibility for retrofitting or replacement and the height of 2250mm combined with triplex 4,5 meters elevation allows for goods transportation in standard containers. Compared to the classic CPD50F8, the travel speed of the CPD50L1 is improved to 16/18km/h, speeding up warehouse turnover and increasing transport efficiency.

It provides two lithium battery options, 80V/560Ah and 80V/690Ah, to meet regular and intense applications. In addition, the CPD50L1 can be fitted with hydraulic joystick controls instead of mechanical levers, meaning the movement of the forklift can be easily controlled to improve work efficiency and the driver’s safety.

EP’s AMR XP15 enhances daily operations at Packo Inox Ltd

P’s Co-bot revolutionized Packo’s daily operations! Packo Inox Ltd, member of the Verder Group is involved in the manufacturing of industrial pumps, hygienic components, and the surface treatment of stainless steel products.

Before: the operator loaded the ride-on pallet truck and transported the material all the way across the warehouse till the destination points. He then unloaded the material and proceeded to execute his next task. Every run takes more than 5 minutes.

After: the operator loads the raw materials on the Co-bot, which transports them all the way across the warehouse till the destination point. At the workstation, the operator unloads his material and the co-bot goes back to executing his path again.

What’s the result? Right after loading the co-bot, the operator can already proceed to perform the next task, and doesn’t have to waste time crossing the whole warehouse. The Co-bot excels at handling repetitive tasks, leading to a remarkable boost in productivity and efficiency over the long term.

The XP15 from EP Equipment offers many other advantages, and it’s suitable for a great variety of applications. Let us know in the comments what you think of this application!

Before and after EP's AMR XP15 automated warehouse operations in Packo Inox Ltd.

EFL Series tackling the water and surviving the flood

When we say the EFL Series electric forklifts from EP Equipment adapt to all weather conditions, we mean it!

Some time ago, due to heavy storms, an establishment in the south of Italy was flooded. All the forklifts of their fleet didn’t survive the flood, except EFLs from EP.

Thanks to the high ground clearance, the EFL worked smoothly even on a flooded floor. This feature allows the EFL Series to perform even in adverse weather conditions or on uneven floors. The high ground clearance not only ensures the safety of the equipment, but it also allows uninterrupted operations, allowing workers to carry out their tasks even when faced with unexpected challenges like heavy storms.

While other forklifts didn’t make it, EP forklifts worked uninterruptedly even on a flooded ground. This proves once again our commitment to customer satisfaction and the reliability of our equipment. At EP Equipment, we understand the importance of delivering forklifts that not only meet industry standards but also exceed expectations in challenging situations.

EFL series electric forklift trucks being operated in wet ground.

EP Robot team hosts XP15 Workshop

EP Equipment hosted an insightful XP15 Workshop at our facility in Belgium, and it was a pleasure to welcome over 30 expert dealers and integrators from across Europe. Arjan van Zanten, Gertjan Vink, Dilara Caymaz, Anish Pattanaik and Bertrand Collongy led the workshop, offering insights into the XP15 Co-bot.

It was a great opportunity to discover the XP15 at 360°, from the vision, to the practice, to the after sales. It was inspiring to see such engagement and enthusiasm from the dealers as they discussed the possible applications and further development of the XP15. We wrapped up the event the EP way with some forklift games, networking and a good dinner.

EP's Robot team hosts XP15 Workshop.

EP Team gathers for annual meeting

1-2-3-EP DRAGON GONG XI FA CAI! While the team of EP China was celebrating the Chinese New Year, EP Europe teams reunited for the annual meeting.

The day was well planned with different meetings and trainings. Bennit Schmieder, VP Sales and Marketing, and Sang Tian, VP EP Europe, gave a presentation about the company to everyone and highlighted what the focus of the year will be. Andrea Furielli, Product Manager, talked about the EP philosophy behind the products and presented the product range of 2024. Besides this, the teams took part in different trainings, from technical to leadership trainings.

We finished the day in the EP style with forklift games, a delicious dinner and a fun karaoke.

This meet-up wasn’t just about festivities; it was a testament to our growth and achievements over the past year. With a bigger team and a bigger warehouse, we’re ready for even greater success in the year ahead. Here’s to the EP journey ahead and the milestones we’ll achieve by growing together!

EP Team gathers for annual meeting.

EP Equipment launches the EP Brand in North America

EP Equipment is known across the world as the primary driver of innovation in the material handling industry over the last 10 years. No other lift truck manufacturer has created more groundbreaking products that have changed the market.

The Goal – Change the market and lead the industry in electrification of forklifts. We are here to partner with local lift truck distributors and end users across the US to lead the change from LP gas and diesel forklifts to lithium-ion machines.

EP Equipment launches the EP Brand in North America.


EP Dealer Capital Forklift attends biggest exhibition in Mexico

EP Dealer, Capital Forklift, attended one of the biggest Exhibitions in Mexico: EXPO PROVEEDORES DEL TRANSPORTE Y LOGISTICA PUEBLA. The exhibition was held from January 24th to January 26th, and it was a great occasion for the dealer to showcase the latest products from EP Equipment.

Capital Forklift mainly chose to present EP Lithium-ion products on this show, such as EFL253, EPL185, CQE15S. The star truck EFL253 attracted lots of customers to make the inquiry. The EFL Series from EP represents an innovative and practical truck for local customers, equipped with Li-ion battery and with an IC truck chassis. The strong chassis can cover different work applications and the truck is also free of maintenance.

It attracted many local customers, and it was a great opportunity to better understand the benefit and strength of EP lithium trucks. This is a big successful step for EP in Mexico. Go lithium with EP!


EP Equipment takes part to a successful Logimat 2024

Across the three days of the trade show, we welcomed hundreds of guests to our booth. A lot of new faces got their first contact with EP and many old friends visited the booth for a chat with our team.

The EP booth has been busy throughout the whole trade show and offered an unmatched energy. Ciprian Birtlan, EP dealer from Rumenia told our team: “We are back here at LogiMat, and we keep coming every year because we are addicted to this good energy of EP. Also, it is a great opportunity to see again our friends from all over the world – let’s grow together!”

Our global dealership network plays a crucial role in generating this “addicting energy”—the EP vibe wouldn’t exist without long-lasting and deep relationships we have with our partners. For this reason, we want to thank all of you that are on this amazing journey with us! Let’s grow together!

EP Equipment in Logimat 2024.


EP Launches New Counterbalance Stacker RSC082/122

Looking for a stacker that can handle all pallets? EP’s RSC series is for you! This electric counterbalance stacker with load capacity of 0.8 ton to 2.0 ton is specially designed for transporting various pallets effortlessly, optimizing productivity and goods circulation. Besides, the RSC series offers sensitive mast tilting, making pallet stacking more convenient compared to regular stackers.

Equipped with a proportional lifting system as standard, the RSC series can offer unmatched precision for multi-level racking. The foldable platform allows long travelling without fatigue. Its high ground clearance 116mm and compact size both provides great availability on uneven surfaces and in confined spaces.

EP's new electric stacker RSC082/122.

EP Equipment hosts High Capacity Trucks Event in China

The Event kicked off at EP Jingjiang New Factory and the high capacity trucks from 8 tons to 25 tons welcomed our dealers from all over the world. We showed our insight into the green future of heavy cargo transportation, demonstrated high voltage technology and PMSM technology, displayed the standard and optional configurations, introduced the trucks on site and shared our innovation of energy storage.

It was a great atmosphere especially when dealers participated in test driving! Visitors were able to get hands-on with our high capacity trucks and experienced full speeds, turning and smooth operation firsthand.

EP Equipment in High Capacity Trucks Event in China.

EP Dealer TAMGO – The Machinery Group LLC. Participates to Handling EXPO KSA 2024 in Saudi Arabia

EP Equipment and our partner TAMGO – The Machinery Group LLC. brought  the latest technology and products to the Handling Expo from April 30th to May 2nd at the Riyadh International Exhibition Center!

At stand 4E35, they showcased our iconic models EFL303, CPD50L1 and XP15, the sustainable lithium battery technology, the intelligent fleet management systems Telematics and the innovative AMR XP15!

Event poster of EXPO KSA 2024 in Saudi Arabia.


Lithium-ion forklifts operating in cold storage

Vi İstif – EP Forklift Türkiye — EP Dealer from Turkey, shared with us this impressive application. 3 units of EFL352 forklifts have been recently delivered to a unique natural underground cold storage warehouse in Cappadocia, Nevşehir, Türkiye.

These storage facilities are quite exceptional as they are carved out of natural rock formations similar to other natural storage in the region. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art climate control and ventilation systems to ensure controlled storage conditions.

The warehouse primarily stores seed potatoes for an extended period of up to eight months. After processing and sizing, the potatoes are treated and stored in 1.000 kg “big-bags” before being distributed to customers.

This is a great case study showing once again the flexibility of application of the EFL Series from EP Equipment. First of all, this application shows how the EFL can perform perfectly even with continuous thermal shocks: the temperature outside could reach up to 40 degrees and the truck has to move in and out of the cold storage.

Furthermore, this application shows once more the EFL ability of easily working on rough terrains: this natural cold’s storage surface is surely not as flat as the one of a standard cold storage.

EFL352 forklifts being operated in cold storage.

EFL Series shows up at Formula 1 Grand Prix in Modena

The EP EFL was spotted in the wild, surrounded by other top-performing machines at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Imola!

With its IC chassis and its Li-ion heart, the EFL series keeps offering the best of both worlds!

The EFL series is revolutionising the industry with its innovative electric forklift technology, combining efficiency, power, and sustainability.

Such an honour to see EFL together with incredibly powerful race cars!  Exciting times ahead for EP Equipment as we continue to push the boundaries and perform at the highest level!

First EP Dealer Event takes place in Brazil

We had two incredible days at TVH DO BRASIL and EP Brazil facilities with our host Sidney Matos, filled with rich sessions, valuable insights, and extensive networking. The energy and enthusiasm of all the attendees made the event a great success!

During the event, EP Brazil announced a new strategic partnership with TVH, which is now the official distributor of EP parts for the Brazilian territory. This collaboration represents a significant step in enhancing access to EP solutions across Brazil.

Let’s continue this journey of learning and growth together! We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the dealers who contributed to the event’s success. Check out some photos capturing the most memorable moments of this incredible gathering!

EP Equipment participates in Business Industries Lille

Salon Business Industries Lille, here goes EP! The trade show has been incredible with many visits from potential customers and EP dealers. We showcased the latest products:

▪️EFL 3 Series – Li-ion forklift with IC chassis, offering best of both worlds!

▪️TDL161 – 3-wheel Li-ion forklift featuring a compact size and high ergonomics;

▪️F4 – all-rounder electric pallet truck;

▪️AMR XP15 – EP’s semi-automated pallet truck;

▪️EP ENERGY solutions.

EP Equipment in Business Industries Lille EPI trade show.