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  • Smart product design for simply repair
  • Li-ion technology reduces maintenance costs


  • 24/7 online service to facilitate warranty claim process
  • Well-organized document canter for easy retrieval


  • Local service team for direct communication
  • Multichannel after-sales training

EP Care system takes care of all your after-sales service requests with our smart designed products, efficient online platform and professional technicians. We’ve gotten you all covered from technique support, affordable spare parts supply, warranty service and after-sales training through multichannel.

Technicians from EP Care team provide localized and fast responsive after-sales service for all EP dealers, through EP Care platform or offline. With EP Care system, we provide EP dealers with full scope of coverage and technical supports and training across the world.



EP provides in-house manufactured spare parts with good quality in low costs. All spare parts are listed by serial number and by product names in EP Care system for easy access. Dealers may directly order spare parts through EP Care. Our EP Care team provides a fast, reliable delivery of spare parts at the customers discretion.


On the EP Care platform, you may easily and quickly access all the after-sales materials that arranged by the truck model under Document Center, allowing you to download the following categories of files to store your technical knowledge about your trucks:

  • Common truck/battery fault codes and corresponding solutions based on Zapi or Curtis
  • Technique documents: circuit diagrams, hydraulic diagrams, technical support videos, etc
  • After-sales materials: part manuals, operation manuals, recommended parts lists, etc


EP Care team can also support you through EP telematics  by sending data information to your mobile phone or PC on:

  • Truck location in real-time
  • Reports of truck usages and diagnosis
  • Li-ion battery condition analytics
  • Updates on card access registration

In this way, after-sales service will be proactive and the efficiency is greatly improved.


With EP Care system, all your needs of truck maintenance can be simply fulfilled by the following services:

  • Maintenance tutorial: Easy-available maintenance guided videos about wheel changing, steering potentiometer calibration, battery maintenance and so on
  • Warranty claim express: EP Care offers reasonable and flexible claim regulations within the warranty and focuses on the needs of customers.
  • After-sales trainings: Technicians will host online or offline after-sales training to equip you with more knowledge about the truck and the battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could I choose English as language in the EP care system?

The EP care system is in English by default. If not, or you have any problem with login or with the system in general, please feel free to contact the EP care team at support-eu@ep-ep.com . Our representative will solve it.

Is there a price list for the parts?

The parts prices are available in EP Care system for EP dealers. We have uploaded 15,000 parts prices into our EP care system.

Is there a standard operating procedure for preventive maintenance, based on parts to be changed depending on usage?

In general, we offer a schedule for preventive maintenance in every manual. You will find a checklist with daily maintenance for all the trucks manuals. And there is a recommended parts list, which is a good reflection of the parts you need to keep your trucks in the field running. 

Apart from the recommended parts list, is there a service part list only?

Unlike diesel trucks, there are no standard wear and tear parts which you always need to replace with every maintenance. We provide training sessions on the trucks where you can see the components. We are not able to predict what you need for the next five years on electric trucks. But with the recommended part list and the operation manual we give a good indication of parts and prices.

Can we get the number of hours usage vs spares parts recommended for trucks?

Unfortunately, we do not provide such information on our electrical trucks as it heavily depends on applications. We do provide training sessions in parts for maintenance guidance.

Is there any charges to get an EP care account?

No, there is no charge for it. We encourage every EP dealer to register an account for online technical document resources and warranty. We’ve got you covered.

How can we register on EP care online?

You can directly register an account on EP Care system at http://ep-care.com/register. For an account including parts pricing, contact your sales representatives from EP. They will connect you to the EP care team and set up an account for you.

We have the parts price list, but is it in a different currency?

It’s in a different currency. you will be provided with an instruction on how to do it once you have an EP care account. For Europe, the prices in EP care are net prices for Europe. The USD sign is to be ignored, prices are to be read as Euro prices, reflecting the parts price from local DC. Export the shopping basket to excel and send the order to your EP representatives who will take care of your parts order. For the DC Belgium this is jesse@ep-eu.com

Is there calculation sheet for the LTR/STR on the EP care?

No, we don’t have it unfortunately. EP care is all about after sales. But we have a simple tool to calculate a rental rate. Feel free to check with your salesperson in this regard.

If we buy the machine for stock and sell it after 3-4 months, how does EP manage warranty period?

In general, you are given a 12 months warranty period according to our normal procedure. Remember that warranty covers manufacturing defects, not wear and tear. But the warranty can vary between 6 to 24 months according to specific circumstances. Our main purpose is to keep things efficient and simple. The first year we are very flexible. Feel free to contact us if you’ve had warranty claims rejected in a certain amount which you think are unreasonable. Feel free to share your real warranty costs evaluation by the end of the year. We will try to find a way to solve it.

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