Electric Forklifts

Electric counterbalance trucks combine pure strength with the advantages of no-emission, low noise pollution and sensitive driving characteristics. EP Equipment offers a wide range of electric counterbalance trucks for every application.


Li-Ion 3000mm 1800/2000kg


Li-Ion 3000mm 1600/2000kg


Li-Ion 6000mm 2500/3000/3500kg


Lead-acid / Li-Ion 3000mm 1500kg


Li-Ion 3000mm 1800/2000kg


Li-Ion 3000mm 2500kg


Li-Ion 6000mm 7000/10000kg


Li-Ion 3000mm 1500/1800/2000kg


Gel (AGM) 3000mm 990kg


Lead-acid / Li-Ion 6000mm 4500/5000kg


Lead-acid 6000mm 1500/1800/2000/2500/3000/3500kg


Li-Ion 6000mm 2500kg


Lead-acid / Li-Ion 6000mm 2000kg


Li-Ion 6000mm 2500/3000/3500kg


Li-Ion 5000mm 3500kg


Li-Ion 4800mm 1800kg

Why buy electric forklifts from EP?

EP Equipment has been manufacturing and developing forklift trucks since 1993. Now, with over 27 years of experience, EP offers a full range of electric powered forklifts with the perfect truck for every application.



What can I use electric forklifts for?

Electric forklifts can be used for a wide variety of applications and can be an asset to industries that are depending on pallet stackers and other material handling equipment available. EP Electric Forklifts can be used to carry heavy loads on a variety of terrains with many operating just like an IC Truck. They are a great option for businesses looking to maximise warehouse space, as their smaller size means that they have increased manoeuvrability, and increased ability to stack goods in tight spaces. EP designs forklifts around the benefits of electric power and create compact electric forklift trucks that transform your business.

Common use cases for electric forklifts:


Electric forklifts are perfectly suited to most warehouse applications. They are easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces and can stack pallets form mid or high levels. They can be used for transporting goods over distances and run smoothly on the level surface of a warehouse floor. Electric counterbalance forklifts are ideal for intense use in demanding situations and provide increased performance, stability and safety.

Industrial sites

Electric forklifts can also be used in any other industrial application. With the right forklift attachment, they can be used to deal with any type of load. This means that they can be a very versatile tool in an industrial environment and have a variety of uses. Electric forklift trucks can be a great all-purpose solution for small-scale industries, allowing you to lift, stack, and position loads without the need for a full-size forklift truck. They can also be used for a number of maintenance tasks and applications.


As in industrial applications, electric forklifts are a cost-effective, simple way to transport loads. They are easy to use, meaning that operator efficiency can be maximised, and allow operations to be carried out in small spaces. Electric forklifts are a useful way to load and unload lift trucks on the ground, and to transport construction equipment from a delivery vehicle to a construction site. Some types of electric forklifts are optimised for outdoor use and can be used on rougher terrain. Electric forklifts have a smaller environmental footprint than larger forklift trucks, and so have a lower operating cost.


Electric counterbalance trucks

Counterbalance trucks are the traditional forklift trucks, the multi-purpose-one-size-fits-all tool in any business. They can handle any pallet and with specific forklift attachment they can handle any load. EP Equipment produces 3-wheel forklift, 4-wheel forklift, LPG truck, diesel truck, electric truck and walkie counterbalance truck. Need more information on the right truck for your application? Contact our team.


Why buy an electric forklift over gas or diesel?

Electric forklift trucks are the ideal work horse. With flexibility to handle any load and running at the lowest possible costs, after a whole day of work, fuel up with electricity for the price of just 2 litres of fuel. Experience 80% savings on energy costs compared to diesel trucks. Within one year the additional cost of an electric truck can break even for your business with the added bonus of no exhaust gases and a truck that’s always on standby, just push the pedal and start working. There will be no engine problems when charging correctly and using for the right shift with electric forklifts offering the lowest running costs when using longer hours.

Generally electric trucks might seem more complex. In reality there are fewer moving parts compared to an IC engine and the maintenance requirements are much lower. Repairs might seem more difficult, but EP keeps it simple. All EP trucks are ‘open-source software’ controlled with Zapi controllers and any technician can do maintenance and repairs or change the drive parameters of our electric trucks easily.


Different types of electric forklifts:

  1. Rear wheel drive electric. 3 Wheel, Compact, simple technology, affordable electric truck. Capacity 1.5T:
  2. 3-wheel electric. Powerful, indoor, and outdoor, inclinations, shortest turning circle. Capacity 1.5 – 2.0T
  3. 4-wheel electric. Powerful, mostly outdoor. Capacity 1.5 – 4.5T1. Dual drive
    2. Single drive

Rear wheel drive trucks are compact, simple, and easy to use. They are most suitable for indoor applications.

Front wheel drive trucks are powered on the front wheels, where the pressure of the load is. Therefore, optimum traction and power when you need it. Can be used on inclinations and more slippery floors.

Single drive trucks have the drive train like a diesel truck, just with an electric motor instead of an IC motor. With dual drive you have the benefit of a smaller turning cycle and a lower seating position. Dual drive in general also offers a higher performance.


How long do forklift batteries last?

In the mind of many people the traction battery is more expensive than the truck itself. Luckily that’s not the case, although the battery is a substantial investment, it provides at least 5 years of service as a cheap source of energy. Full fuel up for only $5.

The lead acid battery needs a charging time of 8-12 hours. For continuous operations we provide 2 batteries with 1 truck and side battery change with a roller bed.


How to buy the right electric forklift truck:

For the indoor application in narrow space the small rear wheel drive 3-wheel forklift trucks are the truck of choice. The most compact electric forklifts for sale have a working aisle of under 3m.

For forklifts in outdoor applications, on uneven surfaces or for heavy loads the 4-wheel forklift truck is preferred.

Stability of forklifts when lifting is not so much the issue, both 3-wheel trucks and 4-wheel trucks have the same stability. 4-wheel trucks are just more capable in tougher handling conditions when loading and unloading lorries or when working on uneven roads.

Further information regarding; Electric forklift dimensions, Electric forklift battery maintenance and Electric forklift price can be found on our resource hub and specification sheets.


EP Equipments Unique Electric Forklifts:

Additional to the common trucks listed above, EP has a unique range of electric forklifts for sale:

TVE: A super-compact model, fits through a door. To work in the narrowest environment with 500-1500kg capacity.

TVS: Super compact stand-in counterbalance trucks, on rubber tires for use on uneven floors or outdoor and just 3m working aisle.

Counterbalance trucks: The concept of a counterbalance truck, with the chassis of a stacker. Standard FEM fork carriage with forks can lift any load. The main benefit is that you don’t need a driver’s license.

If you need help to find the right truck for your business, please contact the EP support team or your local dealer to find out more about the different specifications of our machines. We will support you to find the perfect solution for your business.