Electric Pallet Trucks

As the worldwide largest manufacturer of electric pallet trucks, EP offers a wide range of machines, fit to the need of every customer and application. Find your very own pallet truck based on your requirement of Battery technology, lift capacity and application.

The F Series

Li-Ion mm 1500kg


Li-Ion 115mm 1500/1800kg


Li-Ion mm 2000kg

Electric Pallet Stackers

EP Equipment offers a large variety of electric pallet stackers for sale, for every application. Starting with entry level stacker for light duty application over heavy duty stacker with lead acid or Li-Ion Battery to special application trucks like counterbalance stacker trucks or end rider solutions.


Li-Ion 1600mm 2000kg


Li-Ion mm 1600kg


Li-Ion 5500mm 1600kg

Electric Forklifts

Electric counterbalance trucks combine pure strength with the advantages of no-emission, low noise pollution and sensitive driving characteristics. EP Equipment offers a wide range of electric counterbalance trucks for every application.


Li-Ion 3000mm 1800/2000kg


Li-Ion 3000mm 2000kg


Li-Ion 6000mm 2500/3000/3500kg

IC Forklifts

IC forklift trucks offer a great solution for heavy duty application, with long runtime and the possibility to refill with gas / diesel at any time and any place. EP Equipment offers a range of ic forklift trucks for any application.


Diesel 6000mm 3500kg


Diesel 6000mm 3500kg

Order Pickers

At EP Equipment we offer highly innovative solutions for the growing need of vertical order picker and work assist vehicles. Especially the growing e-commerce industry, as well as spare parts center feel the need of small package goods which requires picking not only on ground level, but also at heights of up to 6.5 meters. At EP we offer unique solutions for every warehouse.

JX2 Series

Lead-acid 4265mm 700kg


Gel (AGM) / Lead-acid 4880mm 364kg


Gel (AGM) / Li-Ion 3000mm 200kg

Tow Tractors

EP Equipment offers a variety of tow tractors for every application. Starting with simple walkie tow tractors as well as sit on electric tow tractors with a capacity of 6000kg, we can offer you the right truck for your transporting challenge.


Li-Ion n/a 3000kg


Lead-acid n/a 6000kg


Lead-acid / Li-Ion n/a 1000kg

Reach Trucks

Reach trucks are the common machine for the warehouse application when it comes to efficient stacking application. Depending on the region, these machines are either equipped with a moving mast or pantograph fork carrier. EP Equipment offers you a range of reach trucks to choose from.


Lead-acid 12500mm 2500kg


Li-Ion 8000/12000mm 1600/2000kg


Lead-acid 6500mm 1500kg

Low Level Order Pickers

The traditional low level order picker is the perfect tool when picking goods from ground level while beeing able to drive at high speeds between aisles and picking stops. With different fork configurations it can be adjusted to the needs of every application.


Lead-acid 120mm 2000kg

EP Energy Lithium Battery

Autonomous Mobile Robot


Li-Ion mm 1500kg