Electric Forklift Truck 2.5T

Counterbalance Forklift

About The EFX2-251

The EFX2-251 is a 2.5t electric counterbalance forklift, designed to be a cost-effective and entry-level solution for various indoor and outdoor transportation tasks.

With advanced PMSM technology, the EFX2-251 comes with longer battery life and consistent power output. Equipped with a 80V/100Ah Li-ion battery as standard, along with other lithium-ion battery options available, the EFX2-251 can cater to a wide range of applications, including occasional heavy loads, with the benefits of opportunity charging and zero maintenance.

EFL181 Electric Forklift


Versatile Applications: This forklift is ideal for both light-duty applications and occasional heavy load transportation.

Indoor & Outdoor: With its waterproof design and high ground clearance, the lithium-powered EFX2-251 can meet both indoor and outdoor demands.

Key Highlights

The Affordable and the Most Entry-level Tool

  • Perfect for online sales and rental

EFX2-251 is designed around simplicity and cost-effectiveness, perfect for online channels, with zero maintenance and low initial costs needed.

  • Entry-Level & Affordable

EFX2-251 is positioned as the most entry-level and budget-friendly electric forklift. It can meet various material handling demands from indoor to outdoor, light-duty to occasional heavy-duty. It’s an ideal alternative to IC trucks and second-hand trucks.

  • Newbie Friendly

Equipped with maintenance free battery and single phase onboard charger with plug, this truck ensures ease of use, even for inexperienced users.

  • Precise Operation

With a proportional lifting system, this forklift trucks also ensures precise and accurate operation.

  • Energy Efficient

The Lithium technology battery and PMSM technology ensure higher energy efficiency and extended runtime.

EFL181 operating outdoor.


EFL181 Li-ion Electric Forklift
EP Unique
EFX2-251 has great features to improve your daily operations. Our electric forklift also includes:
PMSM Technology on traction and lifting motor
  • Stable power output
  • 10% runtime extended
  • 10-15% energy saving
80V/100Ah Li-ion battery with 35A onboard charger
  • Easy opportunity charging thanks to the onboard charger with plug
  • Zero maintenance and no gas emission allow to recharge everywhere
  • Covering the majority of the applications: from light to medium duty and occasional heavy duties
Easy operation experience
  • Proportional lifting system for gentle and precise stacking
  • Adjustable steering wheel, comfortable legroom and suspended seat
  • Easy access to main components
Both indoor and outdoor applications available
  • Waterproof design
  • Big tyres and high ground clearance

EFX2-251 Data sheet


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