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GPS Fleet Management System


The GPS Fleet Management System provides a fleet overview in real-time and monitor your valuable fleets when they are on the road and off.


Easily monitor the status and condition of your assets remotely. The system provides Statistical analysis of the team’s daily working hours, charging times of battery, and truck/battery fault records.


The BMS system on the battery ensures the safety of EP lithium-ion battery, protecting it from overheating or overcharging. The Telematics fleet management system connects to the BMS and can wirelessly monitor the battery condition real-time. In the graphic you see for example the typical charging curve of a lithium-ionn battery in daily operation. With charging during breaks and lunch time, you can boost the uptime and productivity of the battery and truck.

GPS Fleet Management System


The GPS fleet management system can be easily connected to your mobile devices and enables remote diagnosis to improve the efficiency of after-sales service.

Remote Start-Stop System


The remote start-stop function enables fleet management companies to activate and disable the trucks remotely. It is great for fleet rental business as the fleet owners are able to set leasing hours and dates to each truck and get notified when leases expired.


EP’s GPS Fleet Management is an innovative system that allows you to manage your fleet and rental activities in an effective and efficient manner. Available on PC, tablets, and mobile devices. The system tracks data for truck and battery usage, allowing users to monitor and analyze assets conditions, providing remote diagnostics and improving the efficiency of fleet management.

Our Fleet Management System works as a one stop shop from truck location tracking, battery efficiency monitoring, to remote diagnostics and fault detection for asset management. With this built-in GPS tracker, rental and fleet management companies are able to make good use of their products and services for immediate growth of their businesses.

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