electric Pallet Truck 2.0T

Pedestrian pallet truck

About The WPL202

The WPL202 is a lithium powered pedestrian pallet truck with load capacity of 2.0 ton, ideal for goods transportation in confined and congested spaces.

Just like other electric pallet trucks from EP, WPL202 is equipped with 24V100Ah Li-ion battery and 24V30A integrated charger. With the chance of opportunity charging, the efficiency is boosted and the uptime is maximized.

 Additionally, this pallet truck can also be operated in refrigerated warehouses.

RSB141 Electric Stacker


  • Ideal for truck-mounted tasks, the WPL202’s short chassis length of 470mm makes it perfect for loading and unloading lorries in retail, beverage, food, and logistics industries.
  • Its compact size allows for easy navigation through narrow aisles in small to medium production bases or construction sites.
  • This pallet truck can also be used for horizontal transportation in refrigerated warehouses.

Key Highlights

  • Ultra-slim design: With a short chassis length 470mm and small turning radius of 1320 mm, this pallet truck is a great helper in confined spaces.
  • Low Freight Cost: Accommodates 2 units per box, cutting ocean freight charges by up to 50% compared to the EPT20-20WA.
  • Keypad Option: Optional keypad integration for daily operational convenience, replacing traditional keys.
  • Uneven Surface: The upgraded castor wheels increase stability during walking on uneven roads and ramps.
    WPL202 in warehouse.


    RSB141 EP Equipment Stacker
    EP Unique

    As the upgraded alternative of EPT20-20WA series, WPL202 demonstrates an ultra-slim design, which allows the operators to transport goods in narrow aisles or lorries at more ease. Besides, 2 units per box reduces 50% freight costs, compared to 1 unit of EPT20-20WA in one box.

    Ultra-slim design for great maneuverability

    The WPL202 features short chassis length 470mm and small turning radius 1320 mm, making it a agile helper in tight spaces and lorries. This compact truck accommodates 2 units in a box compared to 1 unit of the EPT20-20WA, that can reach as high as 50% of ocean freight charges reduction.

    Lithium technology with integrated charger

    The WPL202 comes with 24V/100Ah Li-ion battery and 24V/30A integrated charger as standard, which offers high availability to multi-shift works, thanks to fast and flexible charging and zero maintenance.

    Unique synchronous castor wheels ensuring stability

    The optimized castor wheels qualify the WPL202 for excellent stability and gradeability when handling materials on uneven surfaces and ramps.

    Reliability enhanced by mature components

    The WPL202 adopts market-proven components with reliability and durability enhanced greatly.

    Keypad option for daily convenience

    As an option, the WPL202 can be fitted with the keypad to replace the key for daily convenience.

    WPL202 Data sheet

    Our product portfolio

    RSB141 Stacker




    Battery Capacity

    24V/100Ah li-ion


    24V/30A integrated

    castor wheels




    Turning radius

    ES16-RS Stacker




    Battery Capacity

    24V/205Ah LI-ION


    24V/50A external

    castor wheels


    Length to face of forks


    Turning radius



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