Li-ion electric Stacker with Initial Lift 1.6T

Pedestrian Stacker

About The WSA161

The WSi161 is a lithium-powered pedestrian stacker with an initial lift, capable of handling loads up to 1.6 tons and reaching heights of up to 5.5 meters.

Thanks to the proper sized support arms, WSi161 can handle two pallets at a time to increasing transport efficiency.

This stacker is fitted with 24V/100Ah Li-ion battery and 24V/30A integrated charger, offering opportunity charging and zero maintenance.

RSB141 Electric Stacker


  • Rough Surface: This electric stacker is ideal for use on uneven ground and ramps due to its initial lift, making it suitable for logistics warehouses, racking systems, loading docks, and production centers.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Features high ground clearance and a carved frame for smooth navigation through uneven surfaces and loading ramps.

Key Highlights

  • Proportional Lifting Control: This pedestrian pallet stacker comes standard with a proportional lifting system, ensuring gentle and precise handling of valuable or fragile goods.
  • Fast Lifting and Lowering Speeds: Exceptional lifting and lowering speeds improve productivity by minimizing turnover cycles in warehouse settings.
  • Optimized Operator Controls: Includes an optimized tiller head with a proportional lifting button and an improved cover featuring a storage space and USB port for convenient and flexible operation.
WSI161 being charged.


RSB141 EP Equipment Stacker
EP Unique
The initial lift and the carved frame grant high ground clearance allowing a fluent driving through uneven surfaces and loading ramps. The WSi161 support arms are sized to transport two pallets at a time, which doubles efficiency and increases throughput.
Fast stacking speeds and proportional lifting to maximize efficiency and precision
The WSi161 has significantly improved lifting and lowering speeds, delivering outstanding performance in its class. This contributes to fast stacking at heights up to 5.5m and minimized turnover cycle in warehouses. Besides, this truck comes with the proportional lifting system as standard and enables the operator to stack and retrieve pallets more precisely and gently in multi-level racking.
Lithium technology with integrated charger
The WSi161 is fully designed around the advantages of lithium technology, with a 24V/100Ah Li-ion battery and a 24V/30A integrated charger, which allows for fast and opportunity charging, zero maintenance and zero gas emissions during charging. 24V/205Ah Li-ion battery and other lead acid batteries are optionally available for long operating period.
Improved design combined with practical features
The WSi161 demonstrates a modern appearance combining practical and aesthetic features. Design with users in mind, the strong cover provides storage space and USB outlet. The operator can take documents and stuff in the dedicated pocket, and charge the electronic device on the go without extra fuss.

WSi161 datasheet

WSi161 datasheet

WSi161 datasheet

WSi161 datasheet

WSi161 datasheet


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