Tow Tractors

EP Equipment offers a variety of tow tractors for every application. Starting with simple walkie tow tractors as well as sit on electric tow tractors with a capacity of 6000kg, we can offer you the right truck for your transporting challenge.



Lead-acid / Li-Ion n/a 1000kg


Lead-acid / Li-Ion n/a 3000/6000kg


Li-Ion n/a 3000kg

EP Equipment – Tow Tractors

What is a Tow Tractor and What is it Used For?

A tow tractor, often known as a tugger, is a robust material handling vehicle designed for towing loads rather than lifting them. Tow tractors are indispensable in settings where materials need to be moved over long distances efficiently, such as airports, manufacturing plants, and large warehousing facilities. Their specialty lies in the consolidation of loads, which can significantly increase productivity by reducing the number of trips required to move goods.

Distinguishing Tow Tractors From Other Material Handling Equipment

Unlike forklifts or pallet jacks that are designed to lift and stack individual loads, tow tractors excel in pulling several carts or trailers simultaneously. This capability makes them ideal for just-in-time delivery systems or continuous material flow processes, as they can maneuver large quantities of goods in a single trip.

Choose The Right Tow Tractor For Your Business

When selecting a tow tractor, consider the following factors:

  • Towing Capacity: Match the tractor’s towing capacity with the total weight of the loads you intend to move.
  • Environment: Consider the operating environment, including floor conditions, indoor or outdoor use, and space constraints.
  • Ergonomics: Look for features that provide comfort and ease of use for operators, especially in applications where they will be used for extended periods.
  • Battery Life: For electric models, battery life and charging options are critical to ensure minimal downtime.
  • Durability: Choose a model known for its durability and low maintenance requirements, especially if it will be used frequently or in harsh conditions.

Battery Options

Lithium-Ion Battery Tow Tractors

EP’s Lithium-Ion battery tow tractors provide a modern power solution with several advantages:

  • Fast Charging: They can be quickly charged, which is ideal for operations running multiple shifts.
  • Zero Maintenance: Lithium-Ion batteries do not require watering and have no memory effect, reducing maintenance efforts.
  • Longer Lifespan: They typically offer a longer service life compared to lead-acid batteries, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Models: EP’s QDD30/45S are examples of tow tractors equipped with Li-Ion technology, suitable for light-duty tasks where efficiency and quick turnaround are essential.

Lead Acid Battery Tow Tractors

The traditional lead-acid battery option is known for its reliability and initial cost savings:

  • Proven Technology: Lead-acid batteries have been used reliably in the material handling industry for many years.
  • Affordability: They generally have a lower initial purchase cost compared to Li-Ion batteries.

Models: The QDD301/601T and QDD10/QDD10L tow tractors come with robust lead-acid battery options, fitting for more demanding tasks and environments where the infrastructure supports traditional charging methods.

Towing Capacity

QDD30/45S: Ideal for medium-duty tasks, suitable for towing loads up to 4.5 tonnes.
QDD301/601T: Heavy-duty towing tractors with higher capacity, capable of handling up to 6 tonnes, perfect for more demanding industrial environments.
QDD10/QDD10L: Light-duty options, best for small-scale operations with a towing capacity of 1 tonne.

Operator Comfort

Stand-On Models (QDD10/QDD10L): For operations requiring frequent mounting and dismounting by the operator.

Sit-Down Models (QDD30/45S, QDD301/601T): Offering comfort for operators during longer shifts or when covering extensive distances.

For More Details

For more details of our products, please feel free to download the product data sheets and resources at our Resource Hub.

If you have further questions or need assistance in choosing the right tow tractor, please reach out to EP for personalized support and expert advice.