Li-ion electric Forklift Truck 7.0/10.0T

EFL Series

About The EFL702/1002

EFL Series releases a new generation, EFL702/1002, 7.0/10.0Ton Li-ion electric forklift, with rugged design and large ton capacity, challenging the traditional diesel forklift market.

With this fork truck, you get the best of two worlds – the durability of IC trucks, and the modern design & sustainability of electric forklifts.


EFL Electric Forklift Series


  • Versatile Usage: Built with a strong chassis for exceptional durability in logistics, construction, production, yard work, and more.
  • Heavy-Duty Support: With a load capacity of 7.0/10.0 tons and a fork positioner option, this electric forklift is ideal for demanding industrial environments.

Key Highlights

  • Large Capacity: Fills the gap in the market for 7.0/10.0 ton electric forklifts, challenging traditional diesel models.
  • Sustainable Power: Equipped with an 80V/820AH Li-ion battery, offering reduced maintenance costs.
  • Charging Options: Users have the choice between single three-phase or dual one-phase chargers, catering to diverse operational needs.
  • Eco-Friendly: Aligns with sustainable development goals by minimizing carbon emissions and boosting energy efficiency.
EFL702/1002 transporting heavy loads.


EFL Series Li-ion Forklift Truck
EP Unique

The EFL702/1002 from EP Equipment is a brilliant step-forward to fill the gap of large ton in the Li-ion truck market. It is designed based on an existing diesel truck and simply refitted as a Li-ion battery-powered electric forklift. This truck keeps the major advantages of a diesel truck to cater to the IC forklift operators’ needs, whiles using Li-ion technology to save the maintenance fees and business cost and that all without any exhaust gases.With large load capacity, the EFL702/1002 is definitely an ideal option for heavy duty handling applications.

Li-ion technology

The EFL702/1002 adapts LFP Li-ion battery and there is no maintenance fee with no air filter, oil filter, engine oil or starter battery installed on the truck. Thanks to opportunity charging, this forklift can be charged at preferable time during the day without disrupting working schedules.

Thoughtful control strategy for operation safety

The EFL702/1002 comes with a BMS which consists of a master controller and two slave controllers, to lower the risks of truck suspension due to battery failure. When one slave controller is down,, operators are able to drive the truck back to the shop for inspection and repair without calling for roadside assistance.

Multi chargers fulfilling different needs

The EFL702/1002 is equipped with an external three-phase charger as standard. To meet users’ working shifts and conditions, dual chargers are available, which provides more flexibility and convenience.


EFL702/1002 offers EP’s latest Telematics. It provides the following features to facilitate your fleet management:

  • Truck location in real-time
  • Reports of truck usages and diagnosis
  • Li-ion battery condition analytics
Market-proven components providing high durability

The EFL702/1002 features a strong chassis , which ensure a naturally long lifespan and durability.  

Easy driving

The truck is equipped with a hydraulic and mechanical braking system. The system shortens the braking distance to ensure safety while reducing the driving fatigue in the meantime.

EFL1002 Data sheet

EFL702 Data sheet

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