Li-ion electric Pallet Truck 2.0T

Pedestrian pallet truck

About The EPT20-ET2L

Since the EPT20-ET has been received extremely well, EP now launches the next generation, EPT20-ET2L, a Li-ion powered pedestrian pallet truck transporting loads up to 2 ton.

Its integrated charger allows for quick and easy charging even in rugged environments lacking charging support facilities. This pallet truck features a robust cover and compact chassis that can be used in tight spaces.

As an upgraded version, EPT20-ET2L adopts castor wheels as standard, a one-piece metal cover and a good layout of electronic components, combining safe and user-friendly features.

RSB141 Electric Stacker


  • Narrow Aisles: High maneuverability in narrow spaces such as lorries, retail stores, and manufacturing sites.
  • Urban and Industrial Use: Ideal for both urban logistics and industrial applications, facilitating easy and efficient transport of loads up to 2 tons.

Key Highlights

  • Quick Charging: Designed for quick charging to handle tight timelines and high order volumes.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Standard castor wheels and a one-piece metal cover for improved stability and safety.
  • User-Centered Design: Combines efficient lithium technology with a layout that enhances safety and convenience, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional diesel pallet trucks.
EPT20-ET2L in a warehouse.


RSB141 EP Equipment Stacker
EP Unique

The EPT20-ET2L is a more sustainable and an easy alternative to the EPT20-ET, owing to the lithium technology and user-centered design, which is a great combination of efficiency, safety and convenience.

Robust and compact truck for various sectors

EPT20-ET2L demonstrates robust iron cover and compact chassis, delivering both endurance and agility. This makes it able to cope with rugged and narrow environments.

Easy and safe operation

EPT20-ET2L adopts a mechanical rebound spring and castor wheels as standard so that the truck can be operated more easily and safety.

Lithium technology with integrated charger

EPT20-ET2L features the 48V/20Ah Li-ion battery and the 48V/10A integrated charger as standard, which makes it a workhorse in multi-shift applications thanks to ease of charging. AGM version is also available as an option to meet different needs.

User-centered design

EPT20-ET2L features a metal cover with safety assurance and storage space for daily convenience. It is also easy for diagnosis and maintenance thanks to the good layout of electronic components.

EPT20-ET2L Data sheet

EPT20-ET2L Documentación técnica

Our product portfolio

RSB141 Stacker




Battery Capacity

48V/20Ah li-ion


48V/10A integrated

castor wheels


Turning radius

ES16-RS Stacker




Battery Capacity

48V/30Ah AGM


48V/5A integrated

castor wheels


Turning radius



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