Electric Pallet Trucks

As the worldwide largest manufacturer of electric pallet trucks, EP offers a wide range of machines, fit to the need of every customer and application. Find your very own pallet truck based on your requirement of Battery technology, lift capacity and application.


Li-Ion mm 1500kg

The F Series

Li-Ion mm 1500kg


Li-Ion 115mm 1500/1800kg


Li-Ion mm 2000kg


Li-Ion mm 2000kg


Gel (AGM) 108mm 1800kg

EPT20-20 WAI / ES08 WAI

Lead-acid 1480mm 800kg

EPT WA Series

Lead-acid / Li-Ion 120mm 2000/2500kg


Gel (AGM) 130mm 2000kg


Gel (AGM) 115mm 1500kg


Gel (AGM) 115mm 1500kg


Li-Ion 125mm 2000kg


Li-Ion 140mm 2000kg


Li-Ion 115mm 1500kg


Lead-acid / Li-Ion 120mm 2000/2500/3000kg


Li-Ion 115mm 1200kg

EPT RT Series

Lead-acid 140mm 3500kg



How to find the right electric pallet truck for your business

The electric pallet truck is one of the most versatile material handling tools. With a variety of models and specifications available, the electric pallet truck has uses in almost every industry. From loading and unloading goods in the transport industry to moving crates and materials in warehouses, supermarkets, and stock rooms, electric pallet trucks are helpful tools to improve efficiency in any business. To find the right electric pallet truck for your business it is important to first determine what requirements you will have for the truck:

What industry are you operating in?

What lift capacity do you require?

Where will the electric pallet truck be used?

How heavy-duty are the operation requirements?

What distance will the electric pallet truck be covering, would a ride-on option be something to consider?

Would any additional special function further improve efficiency and satisfaction? 

Place of use

At EP Equipment we provide the right truck for every application. For this reason, it is important to consider the intended place of use and the required features of a truck in this industry when making a decision. 

Place of use  Required Features  Suitable for electric pallet trucks?
Supermarket/ Retail  Stability 



Yes, recommended models include:



Warehouse  Stability 



Yes, recommended models include:


Transport Light Weight



Yes, recommended models include:



Logistics High Frequency 

Varied Distance

Yes, recommended models include:


EPT WA Series


Last Mile Delivery Compact 


Yes, recommended models include:



Loading Docks Long distance Yes, recommended models include:


Supermarket and Retail: EPL154, EPT12-EZ

In a retail environment you need to choose a pallet truck that is compact and light with easy operation but also stable and safe. The EPL154 is designed with stability and safety in mind whilst still having a compact and light chassis. This truck is flexible and versatile to tackle a variety of handling tasks such as the range of the retail industry 

The 12-EZ is a light and flexible truck because of its compact and modern design. This makes it easy to operate in small aisles. EP lithium-ion technology means both models can be opportunity charged and are always ready to go!


Warehouse: WPL201

The WPL 201 is a high-performance truck, designed specifically around the needs of warehouses globally. Due to its 48V brushless DC motor, it can be operated in delivery applications where gradeability and ground clearance are required without additional support wheels. It also acts as a great tool for loading & unloading in distribution centres and warehouses. With optional support wheels increasing stability.


Transport: EPL153(1) EPT12-EZ

Some of our electric pallet trucks such as the EPL1531 and EPT12-EZ are very well equipped for the transport industry. With light-weight components and no support wheels making tackling pavements and curbs and using these models on tail lifts safe and easy.


Logistics: KPL201, EPT WA Series, RPL201H 

The 20W and KPL from EP are recommended for high frequency transport operations and industrial use. 


Last Mile Delivery: EPL153(1) EPT12-EZ

Similar to retail application use and transport, last mile delivery requires adaptable and light weight trucks to take goods from lorry to shop floor with ease.


Loading Docks: RPL

The RPL series is a great machine for medium to high distance transport tasks within the warehouse as well as performing very well in loading/unloading in docks and loading bay application. Electric power steering as a standard is a unique feature for increased productivity and ergonomics.


Load Capacity

Load Capacity

When purchasing a powered pallet truck the capacity that the truck can transport is perhaps the main factor to consider before deciding. By identifying the average load weights as well as the maximum capacity requirements, you can focus your pallet truck search on machines that are suitable for your business. 

At EP we offer a range of electric pallet trucks with load capacities of up to 3000kg. To find the load capacity or rated capacity of any electric pallet truck offered by EP Equipment you can check the data sheets available in our resource hub

Fork lengths and fork widths 

Powered pallet trucks are used to move and transport a range of palletised goods. In warehouses these goods can vary from rack to rack. When choosing a truck, you should use your knowledge of load dimension requirements to select truck with the appropriate fork lengths and widths.

Standard Forks: The standard length of pallet truck forks is 1150mm. This length is appropriate for most use cases when moving palletised goods on a standard euro pallet of 1200mm. In most handling environments this fork type is suitable and is offered as standard on EP Equipment models. 

Short Forks: Choosing shorter forks for your pallet truck is normally a very specific business decision. In cases where pallets are smaller than a standard euro pallet you might not want the forks to exceed the pallet length to avoid any safety issues. In these circumstances you may want to consider a smaller fork length. 

Long Forks: Longer forks can also be added to pallet trucks when wanting to increase efficiency and allow a truck to transport maybe 2 pallets at once. This is a common decision for businesses who are using ride on electric pallet trucks to cover long distances. By increasing fork length efficiency can be doubled. 

Every pallet truck from EP comes with multiple for length options and our full range of data sheets can be found in the resource hub.

Go to our Resource Hub

Battery Life

Here at EP Equipment, we are the market leaders in Lithium-ion technology. We offer a large selection of electric pallet trucks with different battery options. When buying an electric pallet truck the battery type is an important thing to consider. With EP’s lithium-ion technology there is no need to consider other battery options. Although we can provide trucks with lead acid and gel batteries as cheaper short term options, the long-term benefits of lithium ion are far more cost effective and efficient. 

1. Duration 

The duration a lithium-ion battery can operate in a day varies by model but with lithium-ion power EP Equipment pallet can be opportunity charged. While lead acid batteries always need a full charge cycle of 8-12 hours to keep the batteries chemistry in balance, Li-ion batteries allow for opportunity charging. They can be plugged in the wall and charge for 10 Minutes during a lunch break. This offers a unique way to work your shifts and reduce the overall Ah carried around in the truck. This also means that battery swapping is possible and if organised correctly trucks never have to be out of action.

For example, from EP our EPL153(1) has a 10A Chargery and a 20Ah battery meaning that is can reach a full charge in as little a 1.5 hours. 

2. Energy efficiency

Most lithium-ion batteries are 95 percent efficient or more, meaning that 95 percent or more of the energy stored in a lithium-ion battery can be used. Conversely, lead acid batteries see efficiencies closer to 80 to 85 percent.

3. Charge time 

Higher efficiency batteries charge faster, so EP improved efficiency means a higher effective battery capacity. Lithium batteries take 2-3 hours to charge while lead-acid needs 8 hours. Lithium batteries’ high effective capacity reduces downtime in warehouse duties.

4. Life Cycle 

Lithium-ion batteries have a life cycle of 3000 or more compared to just 500-1000 cycles in lead acid.

5. Temperature sensitivity 

Lithium-ion batteries can be used in most weather conditions, but issues arise if the temperature is too cold. In this case you will need to take additional measures to keep the battery warm. 

6. Is battery change possible?
Batteries can be easily swapped and changed and individual cells in a lithium-ion battery can be easily repaired and replaced.

Find out more about our Lithium-Ion technology 

Intensity of use

The intensity of use you want to be able to operate your pallet truck for should factor into the decision-making process when choosing which model of pallet truck is best for your business. Traditionally intensity of use would be categorised to ‘low, medium or high’ but at EP we know every industry and every individual business has different use intensity requirements. When designing trucks at EP the intensity of use is defined by industry meaning that we can recommend models based on this.

A factor to consider when basing a decision on intensity of use include calculating the average weight of the pallets you are needing to transport. Intensity can also be impacted by if the truck will be working on ground type, floor condition, ramp use and working speed. By considering all these factors you and your sales manager can make an informed decision on the intensity capabilities required from a truck.

Different Types of Electric Pallet Truck

Electric hand pallet truck

The natural evolution of the manual pallet truck, these models reduce strain and pain for the user by making the movement of the truck electric. 

These trucks are the fastest growing category in the forklift / material handling industry. With different types of trucks from semi-electric machines (electric drive and manual lift) over traditional lead acid trucks to modern, light, and small li-ion pallet trucks you find a large variety of products, fit to the need of every customer. 

You can find an electric pallet truck for customers in all sectors like logistics (light and robust trucks), retails (simple and cheap trucks) up to industrial application with traditional lead acid batteries and fleet application.

When it comes to a modern supply chain, urban logistics plays a key role in the e-commerce sector. While most powered pallet trucks come with 24V technology, EP also offer jacks based on maintenance free, 48V technology giving more power and gradeability on ramps and uneven floor. 

Fully or semi electric pallet trucks are a strong piece of entry-level equipment for pedestrian operation. These trucks are suitable for light-duty use over short distances indoors or, depending on the model, indoors and outdoors if weather conditions are dry. 


  • Reducing Operator strain
  • Improving Efficiency
  • Can be used without a licence
  • Low maintenance
  • Emission free


Heavy duty electric low lift pallet truck 

Heavy duty electric low lift pallet trucks from EP include the following models for lifting loads of 2000kg to 3000kg:

RPL 201

EPT WA Series 


While many people are accustomed to the mini-style range of pallet trucks produced by EP Equipment there is a huge portion of the market that still expects a truck to be more robust, look more like an armoured vehicle or have a more traditional feel of a powered pallet truck. For these applications we offer heavy duty electric pallet trucks.


Charger options

When choosing an electric pallet truck it is important to understand that charging options can affect the success of the truck in your industry/environment. 

There are 2 types of charging option to consider:

Low Frequency Chargers:

Low frequency chargers are considered by today’s standard to be big, bulky, and heavy. As technology develops this type of charger is becoming less and less popular as they generate a lot of heat. As a result of this heat production a low frequency charger is often found to lose up to 30% of its capacity. With other issues including cost and efficiency a low frequency charger is the less popular option. The only real benefit of low frequency charges is the lower cost in comparison to high frequency

High Frequency Chargers:

High frequency chargers are a compact, lighter option with increased efficiency that can achieve up to 17% more than low frequency chargers. By consuming less these chargers result in reduced long-term costs. By working with lower and better tuned charge currents high frequency chargers can have many benefits. 

A special feature of high frequency chargers is that they can optimise and choose the correct setting for the battery at that specific moment. 

Benefits of high frequency chargers include: 

  • maximum energy saving
  • increased battery life
  • heat generation reduction
  • reduce water consumption, and 
  • smaller height and lower weight.


EP equipment offers both external and internal charger options, but you should use the information provided to make a decision on which option is best for your business.


When choosing chargers for your pallet truck the choice between external and integrated can be very important. In this case it is often a choice between speed and convenience


External Chargers:

External chargers are often found in specific charging points in a facility and are best used when machines can afford to have an increased level of down time or can stay close to a specific area. External charges often have a larger Ah meaning the time taken to charge the truck fully is lower.


Integrated Chargers:

Integrated charges are the choice for convenient and more frequent charging. Integrated charges are what contribute to EP’s Plug&Play technology that is made possible using onboard lithium-ion batteries. Trucks from EP with integrated charges can be plugged in to charge at any standard power outlet and charged for small periods of time to decrease downtime and improve efficiency throughout the shift. 

Integrated charging works well in most industries and is the most forward-thinking method of charging material handling equipment. 



Q How long does an electric pallet truck battery last? 
The length of time an electric pallet truck battery can last varies. However, Lithium-ion batteries and EP’s Plug&Play technology allows for constant operation. Plus, lightweight lithium-ion batteries means that they can be swapped out and fully charged in as little as 2 hours reaching 7% charge in only 10 mins.

For further information on electric pallet truck performance from EP:

Logistics Inside: Test EP EPL 154 & 185 

Logistics Inside: Test EP EPT-12EZ 

Q Do you need a Licence for electric pallet truck?
No you do not need a licence for an electric pallet truck. It is important to understand how to operate material handling equipment safely in your environment, but there is no requirement for a licence to operate an electric pallet truck.

A ride on pallet truck requires a licence in most countries, especially if the truck drives at more than 6kmph.

Q How much does an electric pallet jack cost?
The price of an electric pallet truck varies depending on the specification required. At EP Equipment trucks start from around 1,500 Euros.
Q What is a semi electric pallet jack?
A semi electric pallet truck means that one out of 2 functions are electric

Lifting or driving

Most commonly, such as with EP trucks, the driving is electric, and the lifting is manual.

This means that trucks can be kept at an affordable price point whilst still improving efficiency because only one aspect is electric.

When you consider the ergonomics of using an electric pallet truck compared to a manual hand pallet truck the most strain for the operator comes from pulling a heavy load. To build the initial momentum, the most force is required and is the highest risk of workplace injury and long-term operator issues. Electric lifting is not as essential, therefore semi electric pallet trucks from EP Equipment are electric drive and manual lift. 

Q What is a powered pallet truck?
Powered pallet truck is another name for an electric pallet truck. Powered replaces ‘electric’ to show that the truck is receiving additional support to perform material handling tasks and reduce operator requirements. 


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