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EP’s Smart Intralogistics Solution

About The XP15

The XP15 is EP’s self-developed smart intralogistics solution and can be operated as an autonomous mobile robot and an electric pallet truck. It’s easy to install for a variety of applications and flexible to switch tasks. The XP15 features plug-in battery design and is equipped with 24V/60Ah Li-ion battery as standard, which allows for maximum uptime and high availability.

EP Equipment changes the market over and over again. With electri pallet trucks, lithium ion technology, EFL counter balance trucks and now with a low cost AMR. How many AMR suppliers do we have in Europe? Research shows over 300. How to be different? The XP15 is the solution.

How long does an automation project take? Regular projects take several months and almost all come with problems, often lasting for over a year or maybe forever. With the XP15 we offer a simple AMR solution. A basic task is set up within an hour and once it runs, it keeps running.

The XP15 offers great opportunities. Thanks to its simplicity, low cost and easy set up many CoBots will find its place in factories and logistics. The XP15 is your personal AMR.
The computer only had is breaktrough after it became a personal computer. Away from central server with desktops and into the area of local computing and PC´s. With the XP15 you can make your AMR into a personal CoBot.

A great innovation, based on proven technology and design concepts. This automation brings efficiency to the warehouse, while keeping it simple and avoiding complexity.


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EP Unique

EP’s in-house developed navigation technology makes the XP15 a simple and low cost AMR. With 2D navigation and absolute positioning, the vehicle knows its position at all times to proceed its path.

Your best co-worker
You can operate the XP15 as an autonomous mobile robot and an electric pallet truck. Switch between manual and automatic operation by the push of a button.
Stand alone installation
The XP15 is easy to set up for various applications without IT knowledge or specialized hardware and software.
Flexible to change application
The XP15 offers route settings and transportation task monitoring via bluetooth and you can add new routes and stations quickly on your phone.
Plug-in battery design
The XP15 features plug-in battery design and adopts EP’s standard battery box with 24V/60Ah Li-ion battery. This maximizes uptime and provides high availability and flexibility.
Maximum personal safety protection
The XP-15 is equipped with Bumper strips and Lidar detectors that prevent the truck from collision.

XP15 Data sheet

XP15 Data sheet

XP15 Data sheet

XP15 Data sheet

XP15 Data sheet

XP15 Data sheet

What is the difference between a regular AMR and the XP15?

With a traditional AMR, there is a central computer mapping out the area and telling the robot where to go. The XP15 has the map in his head and calculates its own route.

How do I switch between automated running and manual mode?

Start the automation task by pushing the start button or choose a task on the keypad and press start. To switch to manual mode simply take the tiller. The truck will switch to manual mode as soon as the tiller is moved.

What is the battery autonomy?

With the XP15, in a normal operation the battery capacity is enough for 1 shift. for more intense working days a 2nd battery can be easily added. Just plug and play within 10 seconds. The charging time is only 3 hours, but can plug and unplug any time you like it.

What are the restrictions with the EP AMR regarding my building and floor conditions?

The XP15 can work in any space, on any floor, under any roof, and even without a roof. Just avoid fogging of the sensors.

How do I reprogram the EP AMR?

Just teach in the new route by walking with the pallet truck. After recording the route, the truck can run on its own. With multi tasking bind the task to a number on the keypad.

What level of integration does EP Equipment offer?

The basic philosophy is network independent operation. We do offer M2M communication, for example with a call box or traffic-stop box, or your system can push the button physically or virtually.


For any further questions, you can contact our sales team via email, WhatsApp or Linkedin. We will help you to find the right product for your application.