IC Forklifts

IC forklift trucks offer a great solution for heavy duty application, with long runtime and the possibility to refill with gas / diesel at any time and any place. EP Equipment offers a range of ic forklift trucks for any application.



Diesel 6000mm 3500kg


Diesel 6000mm 3500kg

Diesel and LPG Counterbalance Trucks:

Counter balance trucks are the traditional fork lift truck, the multi-purpose-one-size-fits-all tool in the company. They can handle any pallet and with specific fork lift attachment they can handle any loads. EP Equipment produces 3 wheel fork lift, 4 wheel fork lift, LPG fork lift, diesel fork lift, electric fork lift and walkie counter balance trucks.

Why choose an IC truck?

Internal Combustion (IC) trucks are flexible in usage and have a low initial investment. Simply fuel when you need, the truck is always ready to use. Any technician can do repairs and service on IC trucks. IC trucks are in good demand as second hand truck.

IC truck engines are industrial engines, delivering high and constant torque at low engine speed, robust and with efficient fuel consumption.

What are the different types of IC trucks?

  1. Diesel fork lifts. High torque and power, efficient and long lifetime.
  2. LPG fork lifts. Indoor usage allowed.
  3. Dual fuel. For regions with seasonal LPG shortage these trucks can easily be fuelled up with standard fuel to continue operation.

How to choose the right forklift truck?

Every customer can find the right fork lift truck at EP and we are proud to offer such a large variety of machines for every need.

EP offers IC fork lift trucks from 1.500kg to 10.000kg capacity. We even produce container stackers.

First question for choosing the right type of power source is distinguish between indoor and outdoor application. In general, most people prefer a diesel truck. Nevertheless, in indoor environments diesel is not a healthy option.

LPG is the next alternative. Still flexible, automotive standard technology and to a low initial investment. Nevertheless, quite a hassle organizing the gas supply.

With a long-term total cost of ownership perspective, an electric truck can be the better alternative. With 80% savings on energy costs, within one year the additional cost of an electric truck can be break even. Check out our electric fork lift trucks here

If you need help to find the right truck for your need, please contact the EP support team or your local dealer to find out more about the different specifications of our machines.