EP RA24205(C) Lithium Battery 24V205Ah




About RA24205(C) Battery

EP RA24205(C) Lithium Battery is designed for most electric pallet trucks, stackers and order pickers from all brands. Thanks to opportunity charging and its integrated charger, RA24205(C) brings increased uptime and greater charging convenience. Equipped with EP’s in-house BMS system, operators can take advantages of this Li-ion option to cut down costs by constantly monitoring the status of the battery to boost forklift uptime time without risking the battery operating life.

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EP RA24205(C) Lithium Battery can be adapted to most electric pallet trucks, stackers and order pickers after adding the right counterweight by operators. With a 24V50A integrated charger as standard and a 24V100A external charger as an option, RA24205(C) offers maximum charging flexibility based on your various applications.



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EP Unique

EP’s BMS system constantly monitors the status of the RA24205(C) battery such as the temperature of the battery cells and it calculates the batteries’ state of charge. It keeps the battery in a safe and stable condition. RA24205(C) offers two charger options and opportunity charging which cover different working needs and maximize uptime effectively.

Productivity boost with opportunity charging

EP Energy batteries can be charged up to 7% in 10 minutes. Operators can take the opportunity of charging during shift breaks. This maximizes uptime. Trucks are always available when needed.

Real-time battery monitoring display and power switch

EP RA24205(C) Lithium Battery offers a battery indicator which can be equipped in the cabin. Operators can monitor the battery condition in real time and control power supply during an operation.

Long battery life with less maintenance costs

EP RA24205(C) Lithium Battery comes with a naturally long life cycle thanks to Li-ion technology. It is maintenance-free and assures workplace safety with no water filling, air ventilation, and acid spills required.

RA24205(C) Data sheet

RA24205(C) Data sheet

RA24205(C) Data sheet

What is the life expectancy of the battery?

Generally, the Lithium ion batteries can live as long as the truck. EP warrants that the Li-ion battery technology will provide you with 2,000 complete charge and discharge cycles and still ensure over 80% of usable capacity. Replacement with Li-ion is not necessary anymore.

What happens if we keep charging the batteries? Does it affect battery life?

EP Li-ion battery comes with battery management systems(BMS). When the battery is fully charged, it will automatically power off. This will not affect the lifetime of Li-ion battery. The battery prefers quick charges. So charging during break times is the new normal way of working with batteries.

How do Li-ion batteries perform in environment of extreme temperatures?

The batteries can run in relatively extreme temperatures, from minus 20 degrees to up to 55 degrees. The more comfortable the battery feels, the longer its lifetime.

Does it affect truck performance when exchanging Lead-acid to Li-ion battery?

No, a truck performance should not be affected by energy supply. EP RA24205(C) Lithium Battery is specially designed as Li-ion replacement to most electric pallet trucks, stackers and order pickers from all brands. Just add the counterweight and swap your truck battery, without additional adjustment. There is no change of conditions on driving performance after the installation.

What is BMS system and how does it work?

The BMS plays a crucial role to protect the battery against over and under voltage and over and under temperature. The BMS also balances the cells. This system secures the battery longevity and improves battery performance. Also charging is optimized and charging and discharging cycles are stored in its memory. The data can be read on the display, PC or online with the optional Telematics system.

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IP 54

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24V/50A Integrated

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