EP was excited to announce that this year’s 629 event broke records. The sixth 629 event hosted over 400 dealers from across the country at its new manufacturing base in Xiangyang, Hubei, reaching the highest number of attendees ever. So why did the attendees “take the bait”? Keep reading…

Addressing market challenges, the 629 event focused on sharing new insights, technology, and products this year with our invaluable partners, offering cost-effective, safe, and efficient solutions to tackle economic hardships.

The New Landmark that Shines

The Hubei manufacturing base was selected for its logistically convenient location, which is considered a big step for EP to reach inland markets. What’s more, there’s potential to expand EP’s production capabilities: Upon completion, the Hubei manufacturing base will boast an annual production capacity of 50,000 forklifts and a 250,000-ton casting line.

A new hub to produce in-house counterbalance weights and offer refurbishment of used IC trucks to electric trucks further demonstrates EP’s company mission to keep growing: improvements in the company’s own production capability, quality, and sustainability.

electric forklifts on display

Tackling Challenges: New technology and Products

IC-to-electric Solutions

EP’s commitment to sustainability was highlighted by its IC-to-electric engineering solutions.From daily handling tasks to the most demanding scenarios, EP has launched the extensive product lines to cover all customers’ needs with electric high-voltage, high-capacity forklifts and budget-friendly X series forklifts. Since EP addressed this IC-to-electric concept, it has kept launching new products to offer more electric alternatives to IC forklifts with equal (even higher) performance and lower-cost ownership.

swapping batteries for EFX4

Revolutionizing Warehouse Automation

X-movers, EP’s AGV product line, now include new products that are more tailored to certain warehousing situations, like cross-floor handling, high-density warehousing. Customers are able to select the right AGV for specific applications. Designed to handle repetitive tasks, X-movers are easy to set up, easy to use and will greatly increase efficiency and reduce labor costs. Wait, there’s actually more, AGVs free your hands to do more meaningful and creative business.

X-mover handling materials

Application-oriented Products for Evolving Needs

Niche Market Solutions: Specialized equipment for mezzanines, compact spaces, and high-density storage environments caters to the diverse needs of modern warehousing. Reach truck CQD20LB is a great example fulfilling modern high-racking warehouse needs: reach up to 9.5m and perform full carrying capacity at 6.5m with optimum visibility and stability.

CPD50L1, an upgrade version of EP’s iconic heavy-duty forklift truck CPD50F8, showcasing strong flexibility by transporting goods in containers when equipped with an appropriate mast.

High-performance Class III-2 Warehouse Equipment: Products like the WSA series, pedestrian stackers with upgraded look combine speed, precision, and ergonomics, offering fast lifting and lowering speed reaching 0.3/0.23 km/h and 0.36/0.4 km/h. 

CQD20LB reaching high

Fostering Industry Collaboration: New Sights

At this years’ 629 event, EP provided comprehensive and innovative material handling solutions for dealers and partners.

EP tries it best to provide customers with products with enhanced performance, operational safety at a budget-friendly price. The path was paved by the day when the compact electric pallet truck EPT20-15ET was launched and received the one of the greatest attention in the industry, to the ultimately flexible F4 was designed, and to today, electric high-voltage high-capacity forklifts are introduced. The path extends and will be wider because now, EP has the most powerful partnership ever, and EP knows that, as a community, the industry can truly grow and thrive.

introducing products to partners