A successful conclusion for EP Equipment at LogiMat 2024 – from March 19th to March 21st the global EP family got reunited again in Stuttgart, Germany.

Innovation Through Simplicity

This year, EP Equipment wanted to show the commitment to “Innovation Through Simplicity”.  EP Equipment’s main focus and strength has always been designing products that simply work, and we keep doing that by innovating the industry with simple products. As the new year started with exciting new product launches, we were eager to bring these innovations at LogiMat 2024.

Unmatched energy at EP booth

Across the three days of trade show we welcomed hundreds of guests to our booth. A lot of new faces got their first contact with EP and many old friends visited the booth for a chat with our team.

The EP booth has been busy throughout the whole trade show and offered an unmatched energy. The visitors enjoyed visiting us while getting a drink and talking to our team about all things EP Equipment.

We interviewed some of our visitors and asked them to share with us their opinions about the EP booth and the new products presented. Here’s what they told our team:

“Hi! I’m Ricardo, EP Dealer from Portugal. I visited EP at LogiMat this year and so far I feel great! The stand is amazing with amazing people and amazing products, thank you!” – Ricardo Rocha, Sitarcol LDA, Portugal

“Hi, I’m Franco and I’m the sales manager of EP Forklift Italia. This year we visited the EP stand at Logimat and I was especially impressed by the new restyling of the TDL161 where we have the possibility of fitting both mechanical levers and the joystick as an option.” – Franco Ruggiero, KFE Forklift EP Italy, Italy

“Hi, I’m Anna from Wachtendorf in Germany. We are EP dealer since five years and we really enjoy it! Here at EP, everybody is so fantastic. Every year we join the EP stand to see new products, to feel the energy here and to see the EP family. It’s really amazing and we are glad to be part of it, let’s grow together!” – Anna Kaspar, Wachtendorf GmbH, Germany

“Hello, I’m Ciprian, EP dealer from Rumenia. We are back here at LogiMat and we keep coming every year because we are addicted to this good energy of EP. Also, it is a great opportunity to see again our friends from all over the world – let’s grow together!” – Ciprian Birtalan, S.C. Klass Hydraulicks, Rumenia.

New Products, New Solutions

At LogiMat 2024, EP Equipment introduced to the market a range of different trucks for material handling industry. Let’s see more in details which products were present at booth 10G77.

F4 – Electric Pallet Truck with New Scale System

EP’s top seller Li-ion pallet truck has been showcased in a new version: equipped with a new scaling system. The F4 is an all rounder for diverse applications and offers the possibility of having up to 2 24V-20Ah removable Li-ion batteries for a maximum flexibility of use.

EPT20-15ET2H – Electric Pallet Truck “All Road”

EPT20-15ET2H, 1.5 ton electric pallet truck, is an extension of EP’s iconic model EPT20-15ET2. Called “All Road” thanks to its ability of working on every kind of surface.  It adopts market-proven components and 24V/65Ah AGM battery, offering reliability and zero maintenance for daily operation. Its gearbox and connectors are fully covered, which protects the truck from water and dust ingress even in rugged environments. The EPT20-15ET2H features an optimized drive wheel, which is durable and replaceable, to better fit in heavy duties.

ESA121 – Electric Stacker

New stacker from EP Equipment replacing the iconic ES12-12ES. The ESA121 features an improved mast with two lateral pistons for better visibility and offers an increased lifting and lowering speed of the forks. To meet different needs, the ESA121 gives AGM and lithium battery options and the standard integrated charger with power cables makes charging easy. The upgraded cover also provides operators more convenience on the move – they can carry stuff and documents, and charge their electronic devices while handling pallets.

WSA121 – Electric Stacker

The WSA series is a professional lithium powered pedestrian stacker with load capacity of 1.2/1.6 ton, offering strong performance when storing goods even with elevations up to 5.5m. The WSA121 features a vertical AC motor, a new hydraulic system with proportional control, USB charger and the possibility to start the machine without a key but with a PIN code on the keypad.

XP15 – Autonomous Mobile Robots

The XP15 has been the star of the trade show and attracted many visitors. The XP15 is EP’s self-developed smart intralogistics solution and can be operated as an autonomous mobile robot and an electric pallet truck. It’s easy to install for a variety of applications and flexible to switch tasks. The XP15 features plug-in battery design and is equipped with 24V/60Ah Li-ion battery as standard, which allows for maximum uptime and high availability.

CPD50L1- 5.0 T Electric Forklift

The CPD50L1 is the new 5 tonnes, an upgraded version of EP’s iconic heavy-duty forklift truck CPD50F8, is designed to meet the evolving demands of modern intralogistics applications. This electric forklift combines aesthetics with functionality, offering an efficient solution for various industries. It is now offering joystick hydraulic control as an option.

EFL253 – Li-ion Forklift

EP’s top seller and work horse is now offering various versions and improvements. The EFL Series now features a new optional and improved cabin and heating system with air outlets. Thanks to the new overhead guard, it offers now a better visibility and the S/P version come with joystick control as an option.

TDL161 – 3-wheel Li-ion Forklift

The TDL161 is a 3-wheel forklift representing nex-generation premium class electric forklift. It offers a big legroom for the operator’s comfort and the possibility to have the unit also with mechanical levers besides the joystick.