GRUPO TARICO, a relevant distributor of EP in the Dominican Republic. Being a member of the third largest market in Central America, Raymundo Perez, the director of Grupo Tarico, knows the great potential and characteristics of his country, thus, he designed an exclusive strategy of promoting products that can bring use values and save energy. Driven by his progressive philosophy, he has achieved great success in dealing with different sectors such as chemical plants, hypermarkets, construction sites, logistics, rental companies, food companies, factories, automobile industry, etc. He has been cooperating with EP for three years, he brings all his passion to introduce EP’s developed technologies and clean energy powered products to his country. Thanks to his participation in the global event, we were able to meet and exchange market experiences face to face after a few years of communication in cyberspace.

Raymundo Pérez gave us his time to discuss both his experience of developing his business focused on supplying lithium products to users, as well as his great experience at the Global Event in Belgium.

How did you discover EP and why did you choose it?

The first introduction of EP products thanks to EP’s vision of the future and the persistence of Francisco, EP’s salesman, who took the first step by contacting me in a hard period when we were looking for useful equipment and differentiating features for the Dominican Republic, a brand with a conscience thinking about the future and that nobody was selling in my country. So Francisco’s persistence made me get to know EP’s products and understand EP’s philosophy. Also, the Dominican Republic market is very different from the others in our region, because of the geographical position, the culture of my people and the economic state, I needed products that add additional value with technology and that can cover the needs of the users in my country. So choosing EP and believing in EP is the beginning of getting the business on track.

What was the first truck you bought and what did your customers say about it

The first products I met were EPT12-EZ, EPL1531, WPL201 and CPD20L1 then came the EFL252/302/352/352 series and the EPL154/185 etc. We received our first order in mid 2020, the acceptance from customers was incredible, we introduced two innovative products in our market, achieving our goal. Compact electric pallet trucks that in addition to recharging in 2.5 hours had an interchangeable battery system. The electric forklift or forklift as we call it here is water resistant, with the capacity to work a full working day, battery opportunity charge and full charge cycle in 2.5 hours as well, lithium batteries free of maintenance and emissions. All these attributes added to a product aesthetically very well designed, visible quality of manufacture and as the brand slogan says “SIMPLEMENTE FUNCTIONE”.

Our customers were amazed, responding with purchases and orders before the end of 2020 we had sold out and had several orders placed. Today they feel confident in the EP product and it is our biggest reference.

What steps have you taken to promote the products from a marketing perspective?

We worked a marketing mix to make Dominican users recognize and accept the lithium products, the first one was the presentation and demonstration in the workplace of our regular customers and let the users try the EP product in their daily environment, in these presentations we took photos and videos which we then used in our marketing strategy by Facebook and Instagram. The photos and short videos of the equipment explaining its attributes and properties. The management of these social networks is key to attract the attention and interest of potential customers and maintain the positioning of the company and the brand in the minds of customers, that is, we must record videos based on the habits and interest of users. People prefer to watch short videos on social networks rather than long ones, this creates expectations in customers. Already in introductory presentations with direct customers we use videos with more detail, based on each customer’s application.

Are you satisfied with the Global Event 2022, are there any differences between the actual event and what you imagined?

It met all expectations, I have to admit. All the activities were very interesting, great and well prepared. They shared with us customer paradigms, new products, Bennit and Arjan presentations, F-series group purchasing, etc. Of all the products on display, the new EFL series and F series pallet truck are the most inspiring products. According to my customers’ cases, I consider the advancement and development of EP Energy have even more potential.

What was your favorite part of this event, how will you present it to your colleagues and your customers?

What impresses me a lot is the new products part. I’m glad to know that EP’s innovations don’t stop, I’m pleased to see the improved lifting capacity, faster speed and more stability in both the new generation EFL and reach stackers. With the group purchasing activity, EP gave us an appreciable benefit after F-series in Stock which is an economical way to equip the products. At the Global Event 2022 I bought some new F series and EFL series equipment for a first test in my market, I want to give a current presentation for them.

Do you have anything exciting ahead of you?

Today, the acceptance of Li-ion products in the Dominican Republic is growing and even at a very high level. “EP Energy” even more, therefore, the orientation of my work turns to educate the market on the use of lithium products. The best sales strategy is that of our satisfied customers, using an efficient product with the best technology at competitive prices and receiving an after sales service that meets their expectations.

Apart from the above mentioned models, together with EP we have introduced in our market a lot of innovative models that are currently in operation in different local industries such as CPD50F8, EFS101, EPT20-30RTS, CQE15R, CQD14-XD2, CQD20L, CQE15S, ES12-12MM, ES12-25WA, EPT20-20WA and ES12-25DM. By January 2023 we will be receiving the F series and the new EFL253 and EFL303. Our goal is to continue contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint in our country, with efficient solutions and quality products.

For the coming year, we will work with group presentations of current and potential customers so that users exchange information and share their positive experiences of the brand and it will be the best sales strategy for potential customers to take the step of “GROWING TOGETHER WITH EP”.