Electric stackers are useful tools for stacking and retrieving pallets in racking systems. Are you still struggling to select the right one for your daily operations? EP offers a variety of economical electric walkie stackers owns different features suitable for different scenarios!

EST124: Cost-Effective Option to Replace Semi-Electric Stackers

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option for light-duty applications and occasional use, the EST124 is the ideal choice. It’s cost-effective but practical.

EST124 is an 1.2T electric walkie stacker, it features metal cover and strong chassis, which can greatly reduces stress and deformation, and protect the truck from fire, crash or rollover. It nearly covers all your light lifting and stacking tasks in supermarkets, mall warehouses and electronics factories, especially for medium-height rack systems ranging from 2.5m to 3.6m.

EST124 - a cost-effective option to replace semi-electric stackers

EST(L)122 & ES12-12ES: Stability and Productivity Enhanced

For those in need of a more robust stacker designed for prolonged usage, options like the EST122, ESL122, and ES12-12ES are available. Fitted with high-strength chassis and a rigid mast, these stackers ensure excellent operational stability. They are suitable for lifting and moving goods in small to medium warehouses and manufacturing facilities, especially for medium height rack system and along narrow aisles. In addition, the ES12-12ES, with dual mast chains, provides enhanced stability, and its glass protection guard ensures better visibility.

Both AGM and lithium batteries can be adapted to these models, and both types of batteries are maintenance-free.

EST(L)122 & ES12-12ES - stability and productivity enhanced

ESA121: Optimized Performance and User-Centered Design

The ESA121, delivers performance beyond expectations. With a load capacity of 1.2 tons and the ability to reach heights of up to 4.1 meters, it is ideal for light to medium duty applications in containers, warehouses, distribution centers and retail environments. The more powerful 3.0KW pump motor naturally improves its travel speed, effectively shortening the goods turnover cycle. By adopting a stronger mast consisting of an H beam and two side cylinders, it ensures stacking stability and excellent visibility.

Additionally, the user-centered cover design allows operators to carry paper documents, cups, and even charge electronic devices on the go.

It is available with a mono mast, a regular 2-stage mast and straddle legs, covering a wide range of applications depending on your needs.

ESA121 -  optimized performance and user-centered design

Considering the diverse needs of users, we segment our stackers based on factors such as your operating environment, various loads you’ll be handling and the distances travelled and lifted. At EP, we’re committed to helping you find the right tool to meet your specific needs and optimize material handling efficiency.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your material handling processes and drive your business towards greater success. Contact us for any inquiries, or check out our resource hub for product details.