Efficiency in warehouse operations can be greatly improved with the right equipment. EP Equipment’s range of electric material handling tools is designed to address specific warehouse tasks, from moving goods across the floor to stacking them up high. Here’s how each product category fits into the daily workflow of a warehouse.

Electric Forklifts: Lifting Solutions for Every Need

Compact Electric Forklift

For operations that demand agility and compactness, EP Equipment offers models like the EFL181, designed to excel in confined spaces. Due to its compact size, the machines offers large legroom and ergonomic features. These forklifts are perfect for quick load and unload tasks, providing the maneuverability needed in narrow aisles and tight corners.

EFL 181 model by EP.

Versatile Electric Forklift

The EFL302 represents the versatile electric forklift segment, capable of handling a broad spectrum of tasks from stacking to transporting heavier loads across larger warehouse spaces. Its robust design and lifting capacity make it an indispensable asset for more demanding warehouse applications.

EFL 252 model by EP.

EFL series is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage even on uneven roads or in the rain due to its big wheels and waterproof design, which makes it perfect tools to handle in beverage, logistics, and construction industries.

Electric Pallet Trucks: Short to Medium Distance Transportation

Walkie Pallet Truck

Designed for transporting materials over short to medium distances, EP’s Walkie Pallet Truck is a key player in moving goods around the warehouse floor, particularly useful in staging areas and for loading and unloading tasks.

The EPT 20-15ET is an example of a walkie electric pallet truck, ideal for short to medium-distance material transport. Its user-friendly design and efficient operation make it a reliable choice for daily warehouse activities, improving throughput and reducing physical strain.

EPT20-15ET2 model by EP.

Ride-On Pallet Truck

For longer distances and increased productivity, models like the EPT RT SERIES provide the added benefit of ride-on capability. These trucks allow operators to comfortably move goods across larger warehouse environments, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency.

EPT RT SERIES ride on pallet truck by EP.

Electric Stackers: Stacking and Storage

To optimize the use of vertical space in warehouses, EP Equipment’s electric stackers offer flexible stacking solutions, from light-duty to more intensive applications.

Walkie Stacker

The Walkie Stacker is EP’s answer to light-duty stacking needs, perfect for organizing inventory in storage areas or preparing shipments. Its ease of use and maneuverability make it a practical choice for many stacking applications.

Walkie stackers in EP includes the ES 10-10ES model, serving as a practical option for light-duty stacking tasks.

ES-ES Series by EP.

Reach Stacker

When storage space is limited, the Reach Truck shines by allowing efficient use of vertical space. It’s designed for warehouses that require stacking at various heights, offering precise control and reach in confined areas.

For warehouses that require the ability to stack at higher levels or in tighter spaces, the WSA161 electric stacker provides enhanced reach capabilities. As a lithium powered pedestrian stacker, it has a load capacity of 1.6 ton, offering strong performance when storing goods even at heights up to 5.5m.

WSA161 model by EP.

This model combines the functionality of a traditional stacker with the added reach needed for efficient space utilization.

Electric Order Pickers: Order Retrieval

Order pickers are integral to optimizing the picking process in warehouses, especially when it comes to retrieving items from various storage heights. EP Equipment offers a range of order pickers designed to cater to different operational needs, ensuring fast, safe, and efficient order retrieval.

Low to Mid-Level Order Picker:

For operations that require access to mid-level storage, EP’s mid-level order pickers, including the JX0 and  JX2, provide the perfect solution. These order pickers offer increased reach and are equipped with features that ensure safety and efficiency when picking from higher levels, without the need for a full high-level order picker.

JX0 model by EP.

High-Level Order Picker:

When picking needs extend to higher storage areas, EP Equipment’s high-level order pickers, like the JX1, come into play. The JX1 can elevate an operator up to as much as 4880mm, turn around in as little as 1385mm, and can be driven while lifted and diagonally to move from task to task. This model is designed to safely and efficiently retrieve orders from high racks, making them essential for warehouses with vertical storage space optimization.

JX1 high level order picker by EP.

Electric Reach Trucks: Optimizing Vertical Space

EP Equipment’s electric reach trucks are designed to facilitate the efficient storage and retrieval of goods in high-rack configurations, making them essential for warehouses looking to maximize their vertical storage.

Standard Reach Truck:

The CQD25RV(F)  series offers the functionality needed to access high storage racks, providing an efficient way to utilize vertical space in warehouses. With a strong mast with lifting height up to 12.5m, increasing the throughput of goods, these trucks are built for precision and ease of use, even in confined spaces.

CQD25RV(F) by EP.

Narrow Aisle Reach Truck:

The CQE series reach truck from EP is suitable for warehouse with limited space and various kinds of goods as it is special designed for narrow aisle and non-standard pallets.

CQE series reach truck from EP.

By integrating EP Equipment’s electric material handling solutions, warehouses can enhance their operations across all areas, from loading docks to storage aisles, ensuring tasks are completed more efficiently, safely, and with less physical strain on workers.