Johan, who are you? Where are you from, and what have you done so far in life? 

I’ve been working in the lift trucks industry for 15-20 years, primarily aftermarket.

What has been your main motivation to join EP?  

My main motivation to join EP is to create a solid ground for our existing dealers and together with them expand the market with new contacts and promote EP’s constant improving machines.

Which product do you find most interesting, and what do you want other people to know about this product? 

I find the EFL product range the most exciting, the new improved cabin are perfect for Scandinavian customers. The technology from drivetrain all the way to the telematics are top of the line.  

Why do you think the EP Product works in the Scandinavian market? 

As mentioned before, the new cabin and high ground clearance of the machines are outstanding.

How do you think EP Equipment compares to other equipment in the material handling market?

The EP portfolio from warehousing to counterbalance are really outstanding machines, with our own battery technology and open source for technicians to easily and fast perform service to minimize the downtime are exceptional, never seen that at any other place I’ve been at.  

What hobbies do you have, and how do you spend your weekends?

On my free time, I’m a dedicated hunter who spends as much time as possible out hunting during hunting season. My hunting dog, a German hunting terrier needs as much exercise as he can get, so I start every morning at 05:00 with a 1 hour walk with him. The rest of my time of work I try to spend with family and frends.

 What is your biggest wish for your first year at EP?  

I hope that our existing dealers and EP together will grow and meet our goals for 2024 and at the same time do it with a smile on our face.