Last June we’ve had the opportunity to visit some end users located in Campania and Puglia, in the South of Italy. Dealers in these areas report that EP is experiencing growth. Additionally, there is an increasing demand from users who want to switch to Li-ion and test out an EP truck.

In this occasion, we learned the story of three different companies and how their journey with EP is going.

Atida eFarmaVia Lucullo, 71, 80070 Bacoli NA, Italia is the Italian para-pharmacy e-commerce of reference for the purchase of health and wellness products. The company is the top logistics pharmaceutical provider in their field in Italy.

“We always have special requirements, especially when it comes to material handling – says Luciano Pugliese, Logistics Manager at eFarma. For this reason we turned to Tecnocar, that, with their wide range of EP Equipment trucks, were able to support us and understand our needs.”

For their three-floor warehouse, Ilario Iorio, Sales Manager at Tecnocar, recommended the EPL154: “It’s a very robust and manoeuvrable pallet truck that perfectly reflects their needs.”

EP Equipment EPL154 has a 24V installation with a Li-ion battery and integrated charger for maximum flexibility. Thanks to its compact size, this electric pallet truck is perfect for any standard application in warehouses, logistics, and industry.

Further than five EPL154, the company also adopted one EPL1531 and a EST121 stacker. eFarma fully trusted Tecnocar and EP for ensuring the perfect outcome in their daily logistic operations.

“We are very happy with the trucks and the support from Tecnocar, it’s at the speed of our e-commerce! For anything we require, we know we can turn to them to find a quick solution” said Luciano.

Emmedi Log Srl – 81030 Area Sviluppo Industriale Teverola CE, Italia

Emmedi Log Srl is a logistic and transport company located in Teverola, Campania.

Stefano Spinelli, the owner, has experience of more than 15 years in the industry. They used other brands in the warehouse for a long time, but now they are getting familiar with EP. For better productivity, our partner Tecnocar recommended the ES16-RS, EP electric stacker. The foldable platform and its high performance make it a great ally for logistic settings.

“Emmedi Log needed a stable stacker, especially when in height, with the possibility of fast charging. Nothing better than the ES16-RS! It has great manoeuvrability and a Lithium-ion battery, allowing a comfortable and fast charging. Furthermore, it’s maintenance free”—said Ilario Iorio, Sales Manager at Tecnocar.

“We are very happy with the ES16-RS, EP has very good trucks. After this great experience, we are planning to implement our fleet with more EP trucks!” said Stefano.

There is no doubt that this was the right choice to improve the performance in Emmedilog logistic processes.

Arredotec – S. P. 231 km 0,300, Modugno BA, Italia

Arredotec is a manufacturer of bar furniture and shop fittings. They take care of multiple processes, from the projection and design to the actual production of the furnitures.

Our partner FD Carrelli has been taking care of them for many years. Two years ago, in occasion of their moving to a new warehouse, they decided to join the electric revolution and adopt EP Equipment for their logistic tasks.

“According to their needs, I recommended them a 1.8t lead-acid forklift with a 6 m triplex mast. They then invested in an ESL122 lead-acid forklift. Now, considering their material handling needs, they’re thinking about replacing their manual pallet trucks with F4 and EPL153 models.” – said Francesco Ciliberti, owner of FD Carrelli.

Marcello, Interior Designer at Arredotec, highlighted how things have changed quite a bit in terms of logistics and efficiency when it comes to getting materials and even loading the materials onto their vans to supply the projects they work on. They chose FD Carrelli for the trucks’ efficiency as well as the company’s close location and value for money.

Angelo, who works every day with the trucks, told our team: “I use both the EP stacker and electric forklift. They’re super helpful for my work, especially the forklift because it allows me to lift and move loads superfast. They’re easy to handle, simple to use, and reliable”.