Here at EP the International Marketing Team are thrilled to announce that we are now working in our lovely new office! This addition represents a new chapter in our quest to evolve and develop as an international team, and also it’s regarded as a new start forward to Year 2023. We put a lot of thought into the design for our new office and it’s only been half a month but the team is already feeling settled in!


We have created a space that reflects the vision of EP and inspires innovation, creativity, and collaboration. As John He, President of EP Group, says,” Our strength comes from our passion to design products that simply work.” We offer a wide range of products to fulfil the individual need of every customer covering occasional operations to multi-shift applications in warehouses or distribution centers at high frequency levels. At EP Equipment, we commit to producing the right truck for each application.



At the 11/11 Event, we launched the next generation EFL 3 Series Li-ion forklift truck and it’s been another exclusive market-changing product that better caters to modern intralogistics applications. This iconic model shown on the wall reveals sustainable development and user-friendliness that EP has been leading the material handling industry towards.



Our conference room is the real star of the new office which fully embodies our concept 1 Community, 1 Shared Goal. The glass wall and the folding screen are marked with quotes that have become a part of EP’s philosophy over the years. EP Equipment is committed to changing the game, joint by our partners and dealers.





We really wanted our new office to reflect our stories and values. The new space speaks visually of our journey — events that we held and participated, application pictures of EP’s hot sellers, real scenarios from our dealers and last but not least, impressive smiles from every member.





The new office has more spacious areas and a large, open office will encourage us to maintain close contact and collaborate across departments. Small nooks for each member are also available. Our new space is laid out to make everyone at ease, get creative juices flowing and seamlessly blend ideas with operation.

There is so much more to look forward to in New Year, including a number of exciting innovations and technical development, and we can’t wait to share with you what we’re up to next!