Martin Gärth has been an expert in the field of intralogistics since 1989. The dealership is located in Pfeffenhausen in the south of Germany. Mr. Gärth has been partnering with EP Equipment since last year bringing EP Li-Ion trucks to his customers and offering EP intralogistics solutions to them as well. Martin’s customers are mainly from automotive industries and handicraft businesses where the company size is up to 25 employees.

But what has Martin Gärth seen in EP Equipment and what has EP trucks brought to him since they paired together? Today we offer the following interview for just those answers:

Q: Why do you think the EP-trucks are suitable for rent?

A: The EP tracks are suitable for rental use because the operating time is just appropriate for rental use. Furthermore, the devices are robust and have high user-friendliness because they are easy to operate.

Q: What are the needs and challenges of your customers?

A: As my customers usually have sporadic use instead of long-term use, the device must be available immediately when it is needed.

Q: How do EP trucks fit with your customers’ needs and challenges?

A: The trucks are universally applicable and can be used in any field. Intermediate charging through Li-ion technology brings a huge advantage in flexibility and operating time.

Q: What do you or your customers like most about the EP trucks?

A: The cost-effectiveness at EP-Equipment is right and a very estimable highlight.

Q: Do you have experience with other (Chinese) brands?

A: Yes, through experience with other Chinese manufacturers, I and also my customers appreciate that spare parts can be ordered and delivered quickly through the EP-Care tool. Another advantage of the EP-Care tool is the availability of technical documentation in the document center, whether operating instructions or circuit diagrams, everything is immediately available.

EP Care from EP Equipment

Q: What highlight do you think EP Equipment has brought to the market?

A: My highlights are the EFL181 and EFL 302. The EFL 181 offers even more flexibility on site thanks to the integrated charger. It is short and maneuverable, robust and has large wheels. This vehicle scores points for its comfortable driving in poor ground conditions, whether indoors or outdoors. The EFL 302, all I can say about it is, “They gave an electric heart to an IC truck.”

EFL181 & EFL 302 EP Trucks