The 20th international exhibition for material handling and storage equipment was kicked off in Cairo, Egypt from 10th to 13th December. One of EP’s master Egyptian distributors, Equipment Development Center (EDC), attended the exhibition with the latest EP technology and got a great turnout

The Cairo Handling Exhibition 2020

EDC, headquartered in Heliopolis, Cairo, is a regional material handling equipment supplier with over 40 years of experience serving end-users from various industries like logistics, medicine industry, food industry, and factories. EDC supplies across Egypt with in-depth sales service and high qualified after-sales service as well as considerable financial resources. EDC joined EP Equipment in 2019 and has committed to EP products in the Egyptian market since then.

EP at Cairo Handling Exhibition 2020

At the The Cairo Handling Exhibition 2020 , EDC focuses on showcasing EP Li-Ion products to differentiate the product offerings from other mainstream manufacturers on site. The display of CPD30L1S, COD20TV8, ICE301B, RPL201, EPL153, WPL2012 and ES16-RS, successfully drove traffic to keep the EDC booth very busy. Among all these products, the ICE301B was the attention-getter due to its revolutionary design concept. Attendees were caught by the idea of replacing the diesel engine with a 205AH li-ion battery while remaining its productivity. Many visitors placed an order as soon as they got on the truck as they immediately felt the difference. EP Li-Ion products on the exhibition received great feedback according to the manager from EDC:

“ It’s was crowded but attractive, just in front of the entrance. The green iMOW attracted visitors and competitors. This exhibition for EDC we call it double 12 is similar to your double 11 for EP but on a different scale, it was a great success. we are very optimistic. 2021 will be the EP year in Egypt Market.”

EP at Cairo Handling Exhibition 2020