F Series – F3

Li-ion Pallet Truck 1.5T

EP Innovation

About The F3

F3 perfectly inherits the philosophy of design from EP’s best seller, EPL153(1), for its simple operation and strong frame. With a 24V20AH plug&play Li-ion battery and an 24V5A external charger, F3 can continuously work with battery swaps seamlessly. Compared with EPL153(1), this truck adds a flip cover on the battery to avoid water ingress so as to reduce battery failure.

Featuring EP’s unique platform-based design, F3 is optimized for the distribution process by accommodating 176 units in a 40’ shipping container compared to 108 units of EPL153(1), that can reach as high as 30-40% of ocean freight charges reduction.

RSB141 Electric Stacker


F3 is equipped with a strong chassis and makes it a reliable helper to transport goods in logistics centers and warehouses. This truck features a plug&play Li-ion battery for an easy swap to meet various work shift settings.


RSB141 EP Equipment Stacker
EP Unique
For ergonomic purposes, F3 provides an even more comfortable handling with the new tiller head that enables the truck to be easily operated with one hand, instead of one thumb. This component offers stress-free work over long period of time especially in the peak season.
Strong structure and Li-ion heart
F3 continues the advantage of EPL153(1), a simple and strong truck frame and a plug&play Li-ion battery. These deliver tough performance when transporting goods in logistics centers based on different work shift needs.
Flip cover for battery safety assurance
Its flip cover design protects the battery from water ingress, which ensures operation safety .
176 units in a 40' shipping container
F3 accommodates 176 units in a 40’ shipping container compared to 108 units of EPL153(1), that can reach as high as 30-40% of ocean freight charges reduction.

F3 Data sheet

F3 Data sheet

F3 Data sheet

F3 Documentación técnica


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