Trade Show Success

LogiMAT 2022 is over but the message from EP Equipment continues to push on. It’s time to change the markets perception on the capabilities of electric material handling equipment. To transform how people operate in different industries all over the world with clean and efficient lithium-ion power.

As the market leader of lithium-ion technology we have used this knowledge to develop equipment with the capabilities of IC machines and the benefits of environmentally friendly electric power. The message of EP at LogiMAT this year focused on our journey to educate dealers and end users and challenge perceptions that are no longer forward thinking. To force a change in the industry that is long awaited and beneficial for all.

With the introduction of EP Energy, EP Equipment continues to push on with innovative energy solutions to make any truck and lithium truck and our global dealership network was there, loud and proud, to support us and play their part in the lithium-ion revolution.

Our Message

“BY THE WAY IT’S ELECTRIC” was the message of EP’s appearance at LogiMAT 2022. As the market leader of lithium-ion technology, EP Equipment have created a range of revolutionary li-ion material handling equipment that is transforming the way people think about the capabilities of electric machines.

EP’s EFL Series was on display and the interest in our EFL 252 was incredible. The EFL series combines the advantages of IC trucks and electric trucks by replacing the diesel engine with a 205AH li-ion battery.

End user Howard White of CED Stone Group shared this amazing image of our EFL 252 working hard in the stone yard. This image became the centre of our stand for LogiMAT as it captures our message so well. There is no need for compromise when choosing to update your fleet with electric trucks, In Howard’s yard the forklift tackles heavy loads, uneven ground and all weather operation with all the benefits of lithium-ion technology.




Global Dealership Network

EP’s global dealership network came out in full force to support the team. With Many international visitors such as Our partners from Saudi Arabia, Mexico and South Africa visiting travelling to visit our team at the booth.
International team, international company, international solutions. Changing the game and representing our global dealership network today!







Thank you!

The EP Team would like tho thank everyone who had a part to play in making the event such a success. Having decided to attend at such short notice it was a real team effort to make it possible and demonstrated  just how much each member of the EP family has a role to play in our wider growth.

Thank you to everyone in the DC and warehouse team who worked hard to organise trucks, transport, refreshments, and additional supplies. For juggling all tasks in with regular work and getting everything to Stuttgart with no problems.

Thank you to the marketing team for preparing the stand designs and videos and making changes so quickly to create an amazing end visual. We now have an amazing resource to share with dealers visiting their own shows.

Thanks to the team who attended the event, built the stand, and worked hard all week to represent EP and bring our message to the biggest logistics trade show in the world.

Without everyone working hard towards the success of the show, we would not have sold so many trucks and we would not have made such a huge impact recognised by dealers, end users and our competitors.

We would also like to thank and recognise our external collaborators who helped develop our stand at such short notice MerkDisplay NL.

See you in 2024!


EP Team