Li-ion Ride-on Double-deck Stacker 2.0T

EP Innovation

About The KSi201

The KSi201 is a ride-on double-deck stacker with 2.0 ton load capacity designed for long-distance applications. Equipped with a Li-ion battery and an integrated charger as standard, the model increases uptime thanks to its opportunity and flexible charging and zero maintenance battery. KSi201 comes with a spacious stand-on platform and semi-enclosed protection as well as a compact design fulfilling safe, comfortable and agile driving. The double- deck truck offers goods visibility and makes it easy to pick up stack and retrieve pallets.

RSB141 Electric Stacker


The KSi201 delivers powerful performance for loading and unloading of HGVs, stock-to- dock applications and other double-stacking requirements in large warehouses. Operators can also lift the mast to a ergonomic height for quick and comfortable order picking. Plus the capacity to transport 2.0 ton pallets and multi charger options, it is able to meet from medium to heavy duties at work.


RSB141 EP Equipment Stacker
EP Unique

The KSi201 combines the stacking ability with EP’s hot seller, KPL201 ride-on pallet truck but doubles the efficiency when it comes to transportation and storage.

Ergonomic design for comfortable operation

For high-traffic workplaces, KSi201 creates a secure and comfortable compartment for the operator. The truck comes with a protective steel shell to prevent the operator from collisions. With ergonomics in mind, KSi201 makes operation comfort a priority with its adjustable tiller head, the handrail, the backrest and the vibration-free platform.

Lithium technology with productivity improved

KSi201 twins a maintenance-free 24V/205Ah Li-ion battery with a 24V/30A integrated charger as standard to maximize uptime thanks to opportunity and flexible charging. 24V/100A external charger is available as an option and delivers 2-hour fast charging to increase efficiency.    

Compact size delivering maneuverability

KSi201 demonstrates a compact size resulting in a tight turning radius, making the truck perfect for handling tasks in narrow aisles.  

Market-proven components with durability

KSi201 totally inherits the design philosophy of KPL201 with market-proven parts, mature drive unit and speed up to 10km/h and operators benefit from the truck in terms of productivity, control and durability. Plus, this helps dealers to achieve better parts stock management and reduce parts inventory.

Good visibility for safety and precision

Seeing the fork tip through the mast clearly, operators benefit from the good visibility, which ensures exceptional precision and safety during driving.


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