Just a little more than a week until LogiMAT 2019 opens doors from February 19th to 21th and we are excited to have our new products ready for you. EP Equipment will be present at LogiMAT in Hall 10 Booth B81 where we will present our newest innovation and service concept in cooperation with our German partner Isfort.

What’s the LogiMAT 2019 concept?

LogiMAT 2019 is about three key topics for EP Equipment:

  • New Li-Ion Counterbalance truck
  • Innovative Li-Ion pallet trucks
  • Order picking solutions

In all these segments, EP offers a wide range of alternative products, made for the customer demands and with a clear focus on the application in mind.

What’s new in Lithium Ion?

In the past years, EP grew to become the largest manufacturer of Li-Ion trucks in the market with a production of over 30.000 Li-Ion trucks in 2018, there is no other manufacturer with such experience in the field of Li-Ion technology.

In 2019 EP presents the future of Li-Ion trucks: As one of the leading suppliers in the transport industry, EP focusses on the development of two new pallet trucks, build around the requirements of the transport industry and both will be presented at LogiMAT 2019.

As an addition to our large range of Li-Ion pallet trucks, EP is the world first manufacturer to present a purpose-built, Li-Ion counterbalance truck to the market. At LogiMAT 2019 we start sales of this very unique machine.

And last but not least, we will present the facelift of our JX0 work assist vehicle. Find out more

EPL 151: the all-new, entry-level pallet truck

EP at LogiMAT 2019With the introduction of the EPT 20-15ET electric pallet truck, EP changed the market of electric pallet trucks forever. Leaving the era of heavy, underperforming pallet trucks, the 20-15ET started a megatrend towards small and light pallet trucks with reduced TCO to ensure access for everyone. Since the birth of this new segment, EP is constantly pushing forward to create new, groundbreaking pallet trucks like the semi-electric EPT 20-15EHJ, the smallest Li-Ion pallet truck in the market, the EPT 12EZ and now it is time to bring out the next generation of entry level pallet trucks.

With the EPL 151 EP is not only changing the name of the EPT 20-15ET, we also introduce the next generation pallet truck: More robust because it is entirely made of a steel chassis.  Based around the advantages of Li-Ion technology, this truck is optimised to fulfill the needs of the transport industry, as well as retail application. Meet us at LogiMAT to find out more about the future of pallet trucks.

WPL 201: The next generation performance pallet truck

EP at LogiMAT 2019Around the world, customers are satisfied with the performance and power of our entry level pallet trucks. Based on that succes and with the new possibilities of the lithium ion technology, we can now bring a revolution to the high-performance pallet trucks as well. With the WPL 201 EP is introducing the worlds first purpose-built Li-Ion pallet truck with 2.0to capacity.

EP at LogiMAT 2019

Together with 48V BLDC technology, this truck comes with increased gradeability and power, plug&play Li-Ion battery and a world unique plug&play controller. To ensure low TCO and simple service, the controller of the WPL 201 can be exchanged single-handed to reduce service time for the customer. With its 48V/ 36Ah plug&play Li-Ion Battery, the truck can run through a full shift without charging and work around the clock with opportunity charging. The WPL 201 also comes with a completely new plug&play tiller head, designed by EP Equipment for the highest requirements in ergonomics and serviceability.

L1: The first, purpose-built Li-Ion forklift in the world

EP at LogiMAT 2019With the introduction of the Li-Ion pallet trucks, EP shows the possibilities of redesigning a product category when taking all advantages of Li-Ion technology. With the L1 Li-Ion truck EP has done the same for the counterbalance trucks. The L1 has a clear focus on customers that want to change from IC trucks (Diesel & LPG) to electric, and did not like the complexity of the machines and batteries, long charging hours and high price. With the L1 we solve all of these problems. Ranging from 1.5to-3.5to capacity, the L1 comes with a simple single motor and transmission system, that is very similar to traditional IC trucks. Simple to service and highly reliable. It can be used in the tough outdoor applications.

Find out more about the L1 at LogiMAT 2019!


JX0 and JX1 order picker

JX0 Order PickerWith the introduction of the JX1 order picker, EP is the only supplier of a heavy duty order picker for single item picking application. Thousands of customers around the world appreciate the simple and robust machine as a tool to support their daily application. One of the biggest advantages of the JX1 is the unique steering system that allows the truck to turn on the spot without using unnecessary space in the aisle. With the introduction of the JX0 work assist vehicle, EP has adapted this system into the entry-level segment and proved a major advantage over the competition. The JX0 is the only work assist vehicle that can actually steer rather than just turn. As soon as you stand on the truck, you will feel the difference. Check it out at LogiMAT 2019!

EP at LogiMAT 2019