Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018From September 11. to 14., Japan’s largest exhibition for Material Handling & Logistics the Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018 was held at Tokyo international exhibition center.

The EP Group exhibited their products in two booths cooperating with Bishamon and JAROC.

The feedback on EP products was very positive. With our innovative solutions in the order picking and transport segment, we meet the need of our Japanese customers.

Bishamon is our long-term OEM partner for material handling equipment in the Japanese market.  In the Bishamon booth, all lines of EP products such as Walkie and Stacker series were exhibited. EP products give a new aspect to material handling products to the Japanese market, leading to increasing demand for our innovative solutions:Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018

  1. Handling volume at Japanese warehouses is dramatically increasing. Moreover, small warehouses that have narrow aisle require smaller turning radius.
  2. The number of women working in this field has been increasing and small dimensioned trucks are required by the industry.
  3. These days, hiring a new forklift operator with a special license is not easy. The customers are looking for an alternative with trucks that are easy to use, simple to service and do not need a forklift license.


Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018Bishamon has secured No. 1 market share of the electric walkie class.

Our relationship is becoming stronger.  We have the confidence to further raise our market position by mutual cooperation. EP also exhibited new series of models with Lithium battery. Many visitors showed deep interest in these products. We are convinced of introducing them to the Japanese market in the near future to meet customers’ demands.

JAROC, another strong partner of EP Equipment

JAROC is our new OEM partner regarding our new products such as JX1 order picker, E-step, QDD03 electric tractor and a sample Robotic cart by CANVAS Technology from the US.

In the JAROC booth, the up-to-date exhibition with 360 degrees LED display and full sounds/lights organized by one of the Japanese leading TV producers was very impressive. Our new models were demonstrated by JAROC’s staff and a lot of visitors seemed to fully enjoy the demonstration. In Japan, e-commerce business is Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018growing rapidly . At Warehouses, it is required to stock a lot of items and pick individual items under manual operation.  With our JX series, we offer the perfect solution for high frequency picking with small picks per order and a large variety of products.  Another highlight was a robotic cart developed by a possible new partner CANVAS. With the latest technology, 360 degree visible camera and AI are installed on that cart.  As this latest technology has made its debut in Japan, it became the focus of people’s attention and there was a large crowd of onlookers. We are sure that JAROC will open a new market with these products.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the partner companies for their full support, and all EP members for their tremendous effort. Logis-Teck Tokyo 2018 ended in much success! For our partners and for ourselves, I am convinced that EP has the responsibility to continuously develop new models with high technology and timely introduce to the market.

Let’s Grow Together !

Mikio Saido

EP Equipment Japan President

Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018 Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018 Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018 Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018