Recently EP Equipment organized the ” EP Little Artist” illustration competition with an amazing and meaningful response from the children of EP Equipment Staff that participated in the activities. They were excited to learn more and gain a better understanding about their parents’ roles within EP and this enthusiasm shines through in the artwork that was submitted as the children start to dream and open their minds to choose one topic to connect EP trucks to the world.

The drawing categories covered 4 main topics:

  • My EP parents andme
  • Environmental Protection and EP
  • AI Intelligence and EP
  • EP Welcoming the Asian Games


The results are fantastic and the internal team were amazed when we received the children’s creations. The images show just how talented and imaginative the future generation can be! The submissions show that the group are not only equipped with excellent drawing skills but also have a super understanding of EP brand and product spirit.

Let’s have a look to their art and listen about what they said to EP:

Jiayi Bao, 10 years old

“My picture shows the three Asian Games mascots, Chen Chen, Cong Cong and Lian Lian are working together with EP AGVs. I think warehouses will be like this in the future, everything can be moved easier with robots!”


Yixin Xia, 11 years old

“My picture shows me and my mother with the EP Trucks. I hope my mum will take me to the EP factory to see the real forklift trucks someday, to see how forklift trucks are produced and work at EP. In my picture I have come to EP World to see how EP forklift trucks can lift very heavy weights and Mr Rooster, a hard-working engineer is inspecting the forklift trucks!”


Shuyan Wang, 9 years old

“My dad is an engineer at EP and he is tall with broad shoulders and big bright eyes. I love my dad and he works hard for our family at EP and talks about how he loves his job. I am very happy that EP has invested a lot in making my dad’s workplace safe and provides him with labor protection equipment. He loves working with the high-tech products, just like with me! I hope EP becomes better and better!”


Mengdi Xu,  8 years old

“My picture shows EP’s new energy lithium forklift being used to move heavy rubbish. EP lithium battery can reduce carbon dioxide and noise to our environment whilst helping clean up the world. I really hope we will work and build a green earth together!”


Kexin Cheng, 6 years old


Yibo Jiang, 9 years old


Yifei Zhou, 9 years old


Yujie Zhang, 10 years old


Wenze Fang, 7 years old


Jinxi Wu, 10 years old