On 29th June, EP showed all trucks together. EP annual new product and new technology release conference was successfully held in Jingjiang factory, in the Jiangsu province, China! EP gathered over 1000 people from all over China, including EP dealers, industry partners and famous media to witness this biggest annual renewal Event of EP, seeking common development of new fields and new tracks.

The EP new EFL Series, the fourth generation stands with EP red dazzling, are greeted at the entrance of the main venue, shows great energy, attracting the majority of participants to marvel at the enthusiasm of the new test drive so hot as the temperature of this summer! All people so excited to sign and take photos with the newest revolution truck.

On EP product display area, series of electric EP trucks are lined up, showing the innovative achievements of low-carbon environmental protection, high energy efficiency and high intelligence to fulfill all kinds of dealer demand, discovering EP manufacturing Strength. On this Event, it comes out new professional designed products satisfied specific working conditions products for industries, solving pain points, and improving efficiency.

More heavy load display area including 5.0 tonnes – 25 tonnes forklift trucks, distributed warehousing, hot selling products area …. The star products exhibition area is neatly lined up to warmly greet all the participants. Wherever needs material handling, there is EP.


EP intelligent AGV, multi-series material handling robots can solve the handling problem, the whole process of automatic and efficient completion of cargo handling, stacking and towing. Graded obstacle avoidance, full of security.

Product-driven development and innovation-led change. In recent years, EP has continued to carry out market-oriented product innovation, technological innovation, and mode innovation. In 629 Event this year, EP created four generations of EFL series forklift trucks that overturned the industry, customized models for specific industry, focus on Li-ion forklift trucks, and a variety of new intelligent handling robots, redefining a new pattern for the development of the industry.


The development of EP depends on the support and concern from all of you. For these 629 big events, Ms Jie Zhang, Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Industrial Vehicles Division, congratulated EP, “EP has played a key role in promoting the change of the whole industry with new products, new technologies and new modes for many times. EP will surely continue to be an important pusher in the development of the industry in the future and write a brand-new chapter in the material-handling industry.”

EP grasps the development of “safe, efficient and green” and brings innovative customized trucks for every different industry: wood, paper, new energy, glass etc. Focusing on the moment, EP will continue to enhance the market, being the leadership by innovative thinking, accelerate the transformation of logistics with intelligent handling, promote the high-quality development of industrial vehicle industry, and boost the efficiency of the material handling again!