EP premium electric forklift design


Since 2003 the EP JingJiang factory is operational and at the moment in this factory we are producing our 4 wheel counterbalance trucks in the capacity of 1500 – 5000kg

We offer a wide range of products, from basic functional to high-end premium machines. Recently in this news blog, we have informed about the premium design of our forklift trucks.

Now let’s have a closer look at one of the premium features of our Electric trucks:

The steering system for smallest turning circle and highest stability

The Counterbalance truck front axle

The FVD8 series electric counter balance trucks are all equipped with dual drive system. This means that both front wheels are each powered by an independent motor.

The AC motors of these trucks are from Schabmüller and the transmission is from ZF. Together with the Zapi drive control, the system can turn the front axle around the centre. Traditional trucks pivot around the inner wheel. This system makes the inner wheel turn backwards and thus allowing ZERO loss of turning aisle.

The Counterbalance truck rear axle

The rear wheels are the steering wheels. These initiate the steering movement. At higher steering angle, the

EP Premium Electric Forklift Design

Picture: Rear axle explosion drawing of the compact steering system Source: EP-Care parts manual

signal goes to the inner front wheel to turn counterclockwise, thus allowing an even shorter turning aisle.

On the 4 wheelers, we have a compact rear axle with high pivot point. This offers a much higher stability.

The EP quality

With this, we have the drivability of a 3 wheeler, with the stability of a 4 wheeler and a rear axle with the highest durability when lifting heavier loads.

The right Counterbalance truck for you

EP has a wide portfolio of electric counterbalance trucks. Sure we have the right truck for you. Ask your nearest dealer for a quote.