Using state of the art technology has always been a core part of the DNA of EP Equipment.

Since the launch of our full electric hand pallet truck EPT 12EZ, the presence of Lithium Ion Batteries in our production has increased heavily. Many manufacturers have started to use Lithium Ion technology to power electric pallet trucks in the past years, but only very few really went ahead and developed trucks that take full advantage of the great features of Lithium Ion Batteries. With the EPT 12EZ we developed a completely new generation pallet truck that has a weight of only 120Kg including the Battery. A weight, that no other supplier of industry trucks has achieved until now. Due to its low weight and the highly efficient components, the pallet truck can run for up to 3 hours with a fully charged battery and needs only 2.5hours to charge to 100%. Another advantage is the possibility of opportunity charging. The daily routine in factories and logistics companies can be optimised by a more flexible charging routine then before.

All of this is only possible due to the state of the art technology of our Lithium Ion Batteries!

To ensure a stable and high quality, every individual battery is assembled and tested in our own facilities in the main factory in Anji. Every lithium Ion Battery from EP comes with our own BMS (Battery Management System) that ensures the perfect symbiosis between the truck and the battery. After assembly, several charging and discharging cycles are monitored and analysed by our quality control team before the shippment of the Battery. In case of any failure in terms of voltage, capacity or temperature, individual cells are controlled and replaced immediately.

We do our best to supply innovative solutions on a high quality level for you.

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