Visit EP booth B07.H26 in CEMAT Hannover


CEMAT Hannover will be held in 19-23 May 2014, Hannover Germany. EP is glad to invite you to

visit our booth B07.H26 to know more about EP and EP products.

Aimed to decrease the logistic cost and care for the environment, EP will launch our new J Fine

Series with new innovations!

Customized solution
Over 20 latest EP electric equipments models in CEMAT Hannover. EP is inventing, improving and
demonstrating Green electric machines to offer the material handling solution.

Please visit EP booth and you will be amazed with EP products and free EP gifts in the exhibition.

Also you can contact with EP sales to get the free CEMAT Hannover tickets.

For more details, please contact with EP sales or EP distributors. You are welcome all the time!

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