—-Market oriented, innovation to liberate the manhand


March 8, 2014, Conference “to win in the moment—EP J Fine electric forklift & electric warehouse equipment presentation” was held in ANJI, China. On this conference, EP chairman Mr. John He announced that in 2013, EP’s electric warehouse equipments including Class I,II,III, both in the domestic market or for overseas markets firmly occupy the first position among Chinese manufacturers. Congratulations!  Mr. He said the great achievements were reached not only by EP itself, but also by the big efforts of the EP’s partners, distributors, agents and all EP friends.
Currently, the fog and haze is growing increasingly, there are serious environmental pollutions in China and some overseas countries. Environment protection is crucial and urgent for all the people. While electric forklift industry is in front of the logistic industry, the development prospects are very bright.
Based on the current market demands for environmental equipment and customers demands to reduce the logistics cost, through EP R&D technical innovation, J FINE electric forklift is launched as a green product to care for the environment, also it is with attractive cost to reduce the logistic cost to help more users who can have own electric forklifts to create the high efficiency.
In the event, EP managements also awarded for outstanding agents, distributors in China, and hope all the partners and dealers are able to have a closer cooperation and achieve win-win situation.
Continuous innovation, open up new trails
In the event, as a EP’s regional dealer in Xiamen city, Mr. Wei Chenren shared his experiences in domestic market. The current domestic Class I,IV,V truck market is very competitive, most factories and dealers focus on the price competition and few innovation and development, while EP and its products are distinctive. He said that Mr. John he, EP’s chairman led his technical team to have continuous innovation, open up new trails, meet with customer needs, successfully created differentiated products and finally a distinctive market. For example, EP’s Mini truck EPT20-15ET, ES10-10ES as the EP pioneer products in world market already won a high reputation and big market share in the world. Mr. Wei Chenren said he is delighted to see new J Fine series forklift and electric warehouse equipment and confident they will have very successful market reflects

Market-oriented, providing the most suitable forklift to the market
Said by Chairman Mr. John he: with the increasing labor cost and intensity, EP always adhere to trend-oriented principle, providing the most safe, reliable Electric forklift with affordable price.
Through market research at home and abroad, EP found that the ender users gave up to choose Electric forklift because of the high price .To change this situation ,EP developed the New generation forklift with reliable performance ,well controlled cost though new technical innovation .The   working life of EP machines is extended a lot by using patented 4.5MM bending fork and high-strength frame .Meanwhile ,using Top brands key components  from world  ensures  the stability and good performance .
By continuing R&D testing ,EP engineers find the  self weight of electric forklift  is great related to Power consumption and durability. With  EP initiative optimized layout design, the driving performance ,working time are high improved ,also  the energy consumption is greatly reduced .
With ergonomic design,making operation and maintenance easier ,save your labor cost and service cost , improved the productivity
At the new products releasing  press conference ,the new generation“J fine” series received high attention because of outstanding design ,excellent appearance .In short time ,all of the existing “J fine” series Electric forklift are sold out by auction ,which helps to make the press conferrence successful .
Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer on material handling equipment with more than 30years history, who commits to the international market long term and  Enjoys a high reputation  in the world .EP have been focusing on developing  the electric warehouse equipment since 1999 and becomes the pioneer in this area after so many years hard working
As a globalized company , EP is headquartered in Hangzhou, China ,with production plants in Hangzhou ,Anji ,Jiang su China and Wisconsin, USA. EP has estimated branch companies in Chicago, USA, Japan ,Belgium.

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