Tomi Maquinaria was established in October 2009, and now becomes the solution specialist serving the whole Spanish material handling equipment market with over 600 rental fleets and more than 20 service technicians.

Antonio Martínez Cascales, the founder of Tomi Maquinaria, met EP in 2016 and become EP dealer since the summer of 2019. With deep understanding of Spanish material handling market, Tomi Maquinaria now is also recognized as EP training partner to share their know-how and experiences to the Spanish-speaking world.

In this interview, you will learn more about  the story of Tomi and EP:


How many years has Tomi Maquinaria been a distributor of material handling equipment?

Tomi Maquinaria belongs to a group of companies (Grupo Tomi). Tomi Maquinaria was officially born in October 2009, but its activity related to the distribution and, above all, the rental of material handling equipment began through the parent company (Gruas Tomi) in the early 90s.

Tomi Maquinaria is now part of this consolidated group and serves the entire country, and a point of reference in the South Eastern region. Tomi Maquinaria has a rental park of over 600 units and more than 20 service technicians who maintain some 3,000 machines a year. The goal is to continuously improve and offer the best service to clients. These driving factors, and clear strong roots, are what characterizes Tomi Maquinaria and allowed it to grow into the company it has become today.

Tomi Maquinaria has extensive facilities in Murcia which include a large Showroom where distributors and collaborators can see, touch and try out the fantastic machines in the EP Equipment range. There are also training courses given for all EP product “on site”, making product training efficient and enjoyable.

The goal of Tomi Maquinaria is to become a national benchmark, and with joining the rapidly growing international EP Equipment team, anything is possible!


Since when is Tomi Maquinaria a distributor of EP Equipment for Spain?

Tomi Maquinaria has been an Official EP Equipment importer and distributor since the summer of 2019.

Antonio Martínez (CEO of Tomi Maquinaria), discovered EP Equipment at the CeMAT trade fair, held in Hannover (Germany) 4 years ago. From the outset, is was clear to see that EP Equipment was not just another manufacturer. The breadth of the range that EP had to offered, show that the manufacturer’s strategy and vision for the future matched perfectly with that of Tomi Maquinaria.

One of the main objectives at Tomi Maquinaria is to anticipate market demand, and then find innovative and reliable solutions.  EP Equipment was a clear and safe bet for the future.

As Tomi Maquinaria continued to grow, the need for a strategic alliance with EP became clearer. At the beginning of 2019, conversations began to strengthen the relationship and Tomi Maquinaria became an official importer and distributor of EP Equipment in Spain. Since then, it has all been good news, and Tomi Maquinaria feel fortunate and proud to have become an EP partner, an alliance with a vision for the future.


Tomi Maquinaria’s thoughts on EP?

For a manufacturer to make machines fit for the market, they must first understand and know the problems and needs that their customers have, and anticipate them. This is something that EP-Equipment excel at. At Tomi Maquinaria we firmly believe that EP Equipment is currently at the forefront when it comes to new innovative solutions in the material handling sector.

Tomi Maquinaria has been closely following the steps that EP Equipment have been taking for many years, but since joining the team, we have been amazed by the speed in which EP is advancing forward. With our experience of many other manufactures, we can see that a key strength of EP comes from its fast and professional after-sales team. This fantastic service gives us, and our dealer network, the confidence to continue to showcase EP products and grow together in Spain. The launch of EP Care online platform is an essential tool which allows us access to all product information including Spare part lists, manuals, diagrams and online warranty claims (which on the few occasions we have need it, replacement parts have been processed and dispatched within the same day, something even Amazon would be proud of).

Other products such as the “Telematics” system reinforce the idea that EP are looking ahead to the future in a strong and consistent way.

But it is impossible to talk about EP without mentioning their firm commitment to Lithium-Ion products, and their strong belief that this is the best, safest and most reliable power supply on a global level. As EP manufacture their own lithium battery, it gives us many advantages over all other manufactures, in quality, safety, aftersales and of course, price.

We think that this quote from John He (founder of EP-Equipment) sums up perfectly what EP is all about:



What does Tomi Maquinaria think about the EP Equipment product range?

We have the best and most complete range currently on the market. If we analyse family by family (pallet trucks, stackers, counterbalanced, order pickers) we have totally new models, with characteristics well above what our competitors have to offer and with highly competitive prices. This makes EP a very attractive option on the market.

Starting with the family of pallet trucks, the EPL154 and EPL185 models are robust and compact, unique on the market. In the case of the EPL185, we are talking about a 1800kg pallet truck with a 48V Lithium Ion battery and brushless DC motor, allowing for high productivity and a unique driving experience. If we talk about the WPL201 model, we are talking about a unit with a capacity of 2000kg and a 48V lithium battery, also a unique machine and offers a performance above what currently available in the market. Another fantastic, and one of our fastest selling models, is the RPL201H pallet truck with driver platform. With a maximum speed of 12 Km/h. 2000kg capacity, and a 210Ah lithium battery, this machine has great autonomy and can move goods around a warehouse at highly productive speeds. The Electronic steering just adds to the comfort and usability of this very popular machine.

EPL 154 Pallet Truck

The line of electric stackers has just got even better too, with the launch of lithium Ion batteries for the ES10-10ES and ES12-12ES. These models were already some of the best-selling models worldwide that are now using lithium Ion technology, making them even more attractive, and increasing there working life and usefulness to the ender user.

In the case of the counterbalanced trucks we are delighted with the range and exciting market changing ideas coming from the EP engineering team. A good example of this is EFL181. A 1800kg truck with Lithium Ion battery and built-in 220V charger (a unique idea and a market changing product). Other popular machines for their lithium Ion technology and highly competitive prices, are the CPD20L1S (2000 kg 48V. 360Ah Lithium Ion Battery), the CPD20L2 (A premium machine with a ground breaking design, this will become the benchmark and that many will try to copy), the CPD30L1 3000kg with 80 V. 540 Ah Lithium battery) and the CPD50F8 (5000kg with 80 V. 540 Ah Lithium battery).

EFL 181 Pallet Truck

And finally, we reach the order pickers, the JX0 and JX1 (are unique machines for their accurate and easy to use steering system, compact size and lithium Ion batteries. The first units were received well by our customers and we have nothing but great, positive feedback. We believe that these machines will bring us and our clients a lot joy as we move into the future).


As you can see, we could spend hours talking about the EP models, each with a different purpose and for a different application and client. The depth and breadth of the range, combined with the innovative ideas and complete inhouse production, makes EP Equipment different and standout from the crowd. At Tomi Maquinaria, we are extremely proud to be official importers and distributors in Spain, and to be a part of this exciting and progressive EP team.

“Let’s grow together”