The company HOLTHUIS Gabelstapler Vertrieb GmbH is located in Neuenhaus and Emlichheim in Northwest Germany. Holthuis is one of EP’s largest dealers for the northwestern German market and an experienced professional for new and used front-end forklifts, all-terrain forklifts and reach trucks as well as warehouse technology. HOLTHUIS Gabelstapler Vertrieb GmbH is very keen on bringing the latest warehouse and forklift technologies to the German market. That’s why they cooperated with EP Equipment in the first place. The company serves different industrial sectors such as beverage dealers and provide training services to their customers. They’ve pushed EP’s Li-Ion trucks into the German market and contributed to EP’s positive overseas exposure.

HOLTHUIS Gabelstapler Vertrieb GmbH

Let’s explore what this company sees in EP and why they think EP products are able to win the market:

Q: Why do you think the EP-trucks are suitable for rent?
A: Due to the lithium-ion technology, our customers’ equipment doesn’t require maintenance or acid level checks. This reduces improper operation and faster aging or even depreciation of the rental vehicle and its charger. This system is a clear advantage over lead-acid technology.

Q: What are the needs and challenges of your customers?
A: Our customers need compact yet easy-to-operate vehicles with short charging cycles and low service requirements on a day-to-day basis, to ensure smooth operations in their facilities and processes and to match our customers’ needs.

Q: How do EP trucks fit with your customers’ needs and challenges?
A: Easy operation, configurable performance parameters and low maintenance requirements are arguments that customers find very interesting. Through the exchange with our customers, the compact design of the EP-trucks is an important decision-making tool.

Q: What do you or your costumers like most about the EP trucks? Do you have experiences with other (Chinese) brands?
A: Most of all, we appreciate the time savings due to the maintenance-free Li-ion batteries and charging without gas formation.  The products from EP-Equipment are very user-friendly. The argument of increased safety is becoming more and more important, even in smaller companies. The possibility of intermediate charging to be able to use in-house solar systems during the day enjoys a large part of our customers.
In our catchment area, Chinese brands are not often found, as the services of the dealers and workshops are not fully covered, which means that there is no guarantee that remedial action can be taken in the case of a failure.

Q: What highlight do you think EP Equipment has brought to the market?
A: What do your customers say about this highlight?
My highlights is the EFL 181 with the integrated 230 charger. For us the perfect rental truck because we don’t need external chargers.  There is also a lot of encouragement for this EP truck from our customers.

EFL 181 EP Truck