ES-MM/DM Series

Electric forkover/straddle stackers

ES10-10 MM


About The
ES-MM/DM Series

The ES-MM/DM stacker series from EP Equipment comes with a lifting height of up to 116‘’ helping you lift goods to an ergonomic working height or ensures a safe storage in racks.

ES12-12MM Stacker EP Equipment


An easy-to-use and maintain truck that is a good choice for general material handling, stacking, and work positioning in tight areas. Offset tiller and control head improve visibility, turning radius and safety when traveling in the powerhead first direction. 

In small warehouses, production, or retail environments, and especially height-limited spaces, the E10-22MM walkie stacker from EP Equipment is the ideal truck to optimize your daily work.  


ES10-10MM & ES12-12MM Stacker
EP Unique

The ES10-22MM & ES10-22DM have many great features that will help you improve your daily operations. Find out more.

24V AGM Batteries and on-board charger
Offset tiller handle provides excellent line of sight for operators
Adjustable base legs in 4’’ increments

With its integrated charger it gives you the flexibility you need in a modern, urban supply chain.

Variety of lift heights up to 116’’

Maintenance free, it can save service cost for you.


ES10-22MM, 10-22DM Data sheet


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