Make your forklift a lithium truck EP Energy


strong ability of self-developed innovation

professional mind on the global market and industry demands

EP Energy, a new subsidiary of EP Group, is a lithium-ion battery manufacturer committed to delivering superior and professional energy storage solutions for industrial applications globally.

Our Products

DIN Battery Series


DIN Battery Series


EU48405 Lithium Battery


RA24205 Lithium Battery


RA24410 Lithium Battery


EU24100 Lithium Battery


Our Advantages



Based in Anji, Zhejiang Province, EP Energy has built up own plant and R&D center, gathering talents to develop premier lithium-ion solutions. This enables EP Energy’s vitality and achievements. Also the ability of self-developed innovation is the guarantee of continuous progress of EP Energy.


EP Group has rooted in the material handling industry and manufactured lithium-ion trucks for years, which has been received extremely well over the globe. It has forged solid cooperation relationships with Still, Linde and Clark to strengthen its market influence overseas.

EP Energy definitely inherits the professional industrial mind and gains an overall view of the global market and industry demands.

Our Mission

Starting with lithium battery development, EP Energy is committed to investing in energy initiatives to support reduction of the environmental impact from industry operations. EP Energy is also dedicated to empowering industry growth with lithium technology for data-centric transformation. Continuously, EP Energy will make great efforts to popularize energy-efficient products for industry digitalization and global sustainability.

Going Forward

As a lithium technology expert, EP Energy strives to popularize clean energy to replace fossil energy and develop energy storage system furthermore. For the future plan, EP Energy will make great efforts to facilitate traditional industry transformation and advocate green circular development through full utilization of technological innovation on energy supply.


For any further questions, you can contact our sales team via email, WhatsApp or Linkedin. We will help you to find the right product for your application.