Lithium 4-wheel cushion forklift 5,000lb

About The FDLA251

Why endure the ongoing expenses of fuel and maintenance associated with internal combustion when you have a more efficient option? The FDLA251, equipped with a standard 460Ah lithium battery boasts over 6 hours of continuous operation, and fast-charging, and does away with the need for eye wash stations, mid-life battery replacements, or the frequent maintenance demands typical of pre-lithium lead-acid electric forklifts.


The fast-charging capabilities of the EP Energy 460Ah lithium battery and the power of the dual AC drive motors ensure an immediate fit in your warehouse fleet. 


80V system utilizing EP Energy’s integrated 460Ah lithium battery
Dual AC drive motors for exceptional maneuverability and superior performance
Lithium-exclusive chassis affords superior ergonomics in seating position and visibility
EP exclusive LCD Display provides intuitive information
Wide variety of charges ranging from 13A to 155A


FDLA251 Data sheet


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