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Now with optimized Li-Ion batteries

About The EPL154/185

The EPL 154 & EPL 185 is the next generation electric pallet truck from EP Equipment. After creating the product category of entry level pallet trucks with the EPT 20-15ET, EP used the learnings of the past 10 years to develop the next generation. The new trucks are equipped with a newly developed Li-Ion battery and integrated chargers for a maximum in flexibility. Due to its compact size of only 400mm to face of forks, the new EPL trucks are the perfect trucks for any standard application in warehouses, logistics and industry.

EPL154/185 Electric Pallet Truck


The EP Equipment entry level pallet trucks are the industry standards in the past years. With the new generation, EP has upgraded the trucks with higher speed as well as stronger motors, stabilising wheels and of course Li-Ion technology. The trucks are more flexible then ever and therefore perfect for the usage in any application. From logistics, to lorry usage in delivery application as well as industrial environments. It is the most versatile truck in the EP portfolio.


EPL Truck Li-ion Battery
EP Unique

The heart of the new generation EPL trucks is the Li-Ion battery. Both trucks share the same, compact battery box, while they have different features and power ratings. The EPL 154 is equipped with a 30Ah 24V Battery powering the 0,75kW motor for usage in a normal daily operation. The EPL 185 is equipped with a stronger brushless 0,9kW DC Motor for higher speed of up to 5,5 km/h and higher grade-ability. The truck is powered by a 48V 20Ah Battery for longer runtime and heavier application.

Choice Of Charging Systems

The EPL154 and EPL185 come in standard with an integrated charger for a maximum in flexibility and can be charged at any standard power outlet. Alternatively or as an option, the truck can be ordered with an external charger for the flexible charge of several batteries outside of the truck.

Castor Wheels – More Stability

The EPL trucks can be ordered optionally with or without castor support wheels for more stability. The castor wheel system has been upgraded for higher stability of the truck.

Long Battery Life

The new EPL battery connectors have been upgraded for a higher level of protection in every sense. The battery pins are protected from breaking due to external forces. In addition, the battery is protected by a steel cover, keeping it safe from weather conditions as well as external force.

เอกสารข้อมูล EPL154

เอกสารข้อมูล EPL185

How many wheels in total?

Two load wheels, 2 double (or single) load wheels, one drive wheel, 2 support wheels 9 (or 7) in total

What about the turning radius for EPL154/EPL185?

EPL154/EPL185:1330mm. You can download the datasheet from our website. You can see a page on these products works, and at the bottom, you can download and get all the technical details.

Is it possible to manually release the brakes on all models?

For most of our models, there is an option for a manual brake release, not by pulling a lever or something because from a safety point of view, that’s something we don’t want to do and that’s also from the CE. You can order all our trucks during the EPL154 and185 with a manual brake release as an option. So make sure when you order your trucks and you are in need of that special option that you tell that to your account manager.

Does the DC motor come with a carbon brush wear sensor?

This is only relevant of course for the EPL154 (the EPL185 and WPL have no carbon brushes). Our trucks do not come with a carbon brush, wear sensor.

What’s the difference from AC motor?

Traditionally pallet trucks are equipped with DC motors because of high torque and simple technology. AC motors have no carbon brushes. Brushless DC motors combine the best of both worlds.

What is the charging time?

Around two and a half hours roughly for a full charge. With Li-ion batteries you can of course opportunity charges them so normally within ten minutes of charging you can get seven percent charge into the truck.

What is the usage time for one charge? What is work time for full charge for EPL154 and EPL185?

They run between three to four hours next driving time. Of course all depends on the application. Roughly all our trucks can run a normal working day on 1 battery.

What are the advantages of an external or external charger?

Extra charges can be ordered for both of these trucks as an option. An internal charger is standard. Depending on the application of an external charger can be good because, for example:

  • if you have it on a lorry full timeand you don’t want to bring the truck inside of the warehouse.
  • If you park it at a place where there is no power supply
  • To have more batteries then trucks and swap around
  • Internal chargers offer the benefit that the charger is always with the truck. The truck can be charged anywhere at any time.
What are the warranty terms for the battery?

We have a two year warranty on pallet truck batteries. We give a five year warranty on forklift batteries.

What is the whole life time for lithium battery?

Lithium-ion technology is more robust and stable than lead-acid, so lead-acid battery after five years is at the end of his lifetime. AGM battery roughly after two years at the end of its life.

Lithium-ion battery from a technology perspective lives longer. The battery can live as long as the pallet truck. So where with a normal pallet truck one or two times in his life time you need to replace the battery, with lithium you can let the batteries run as long as trucks.

Yes maybe after several years, you need to charge the battery a little bit more pften, because it doesn’t run the full four hours any more. But this is no problem, because you can do the opportunity charging .

What is your advice for charging? When is best and how many times?

You can charge any time you want. So charge during coffee or lunchtime.

The battery prefers regular short charges instead of full charges. Best is to keep the battery between 35% / 65% or 25% / 85% state of charge.

What is the charging time?

In general, all our trucks are offered with a 2,5hours charge time.

Which truck is more stable?

The EPL154 and EPL 185 have support wheels, so they are more stable.

The trucks without support wheels like the EPT 12EZ have the same design as a hand pallet trucks. So compared to a hand pallet truck, there is no difference. Higher pallets maybe check not to lift to the top to improve stability. Having no support wheels has an advantage on more uneven floors since the chassis cannot get stuck.

Can this truck be used for industrial applications?

It depends on what you need meaning industrial application yes. The truck can do more than the 15ET model and the truck can definitely do more than than the 12EZ.

It also depends on what the customer expects a truck to look like. Some people just want a truck that looks like a big bulky heavy weight machine. Our entry level and entry level plus machines are different when they compare with the traditional models of the premium brands or the heavier models with six or eight millimeters thick steel. For this purpose we first have the 18EA model, with vertically placed AC motor.

For real heavy loads, we have the 25WA traditional model which can lift two point five tons capacity. This truck also weighs five hundred kilograms.

In reality and purely functional, EPL154 and EPL185 they can serve over 85% of all the applications. Additionally we have the WPL, with a little bit bigger battery and heavier.

Can I use this truck in a cold store? And what about freeze temperatures with the li-ion battery?

The battery is no problem. The BMS battery will switch off the battery when the battery reaches a temperature of minus twenty. When you warm it up, it releases again. Normally the battery does not easily get as cold as the freezer temperature unless you leave it there standing unused for a long time.

The truck we do not supply in cold store version at the moment. Driving in and out from the freezer to outside will cause problems due to temperature and most of all humidity. So the least you need is an ambient room to avoid big temperature differences and condensing water.

What is the highest temperatures the truck can operate? Does it work at 40。C?

Yes. In general, extreme conditions, always affect the working time and lifetime of the battery. Both high temperature or low temperature. So do not leave trucks standing outside in the rain, outside in low temperatures and outside in the African or Middle East sun.

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