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EFL Series

About The EFL Series

EFL series is great tool that combines the advantages of IC trucks and electric trucks. By replacing the diesel engine with a 205AH li-ion battery, It offers the driver a large operator compartment, big wheels, strong chassis, and standard components at a great price, while the Li-Ion battery and the electric motors help to reduce carbon footprint, running cost and decrease the energy cost.

EFL Electric Forklift Series


EFL series is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage even on uneven roads or in the rain due to its big wheels and waterproof design, which makes it perfect tools to handle in beverage, logistics, and construction industries.


EFL Series Li-ion Forklift Truck
EP Unique
EFL series is designed based on an existing diesel truck and simply refitted as a li-ion battery-powered electric forklift. It keeps the major advantages of a diesel truck to cater to the IC forklift operators’ needs, whiles using li-ion technology to save the maintenance fees and business costs. With the EFL series, EP leads the way in greening and shows what the future electric forklift should be like.
EFL series features big tires and high ground clearance as ones from a diesel truck. They are great tools for both indoor and outdoor usages.
The EFL series is IPX4 rated and that protects the trucks from splash of water from different angles. The waterproof design allows the trucks to be operated outdoors, even in the rain.
EFL series offers a larger operator compartment than most of the electric forklift trucks. Adopting the configuration of a diesel truck allows the users to operate the truck more comfortable day in and day out.

EFL series adapts LFP Li-ion battery that prevents the battery from self-ignition and ensures safety operation. It supports opportunity charging so it can be charged at preferable time during the day without disrupting working schedules.

Comparing to a diesel forklift truck, EFL series saves 30%-50% of energy cost with li-ion technology. By replacing air filter, oil filter, diesel engine with a li-ion battery, the total service weight of EFL series is greatly decreased compared to a diesel truck. This way renders the truck less energy consumption and maintenance-free.
EFL 252 comes with a smaller turning radius of 2290 mm to be operated in confined spaces than EFL 302 does.

EFL302/352 Data sheet

What are the size of batteries available for EFL 302?
EFL 302 is equipped with an 80V/205Ah li-ion battery with opportunity charging and can satisfy your daily operation.
Can the EFL 302 be installed with a higher battery capacity? If yes, what’s the maximum?
First of all, EP lithium-ion battery can be an opportunity charged during coffee breaks. So you don’t need a larger battery since our EFL 302 is able to satisfy your daily work without interrupting the schedule.

If you do need a higher battery capacity, CPD30L1 is quipped with a 540Ah battery, which is 2.5 times larger than the EFL 302. It is a 3.0 ton forklift truck more suitable for high frequent forklift usage.

Learn more about CPD30L1: https://ep-equipment.com/products/electric-forklift/cpd15-20-30-35l1/

Is the EFL 302 water-proof? Is it IP rated?
EFL 302 is passive water protected. It is not officially IP rated, but it is made for outdoor usage in the rain.

In terms of possible breakage of components, we try to steer the water away.

In general, if it is meant to be outside all the time, we recommend you to order the truck with a cabin because it’s better for the truck and the driver.

Can we have EFL302 in cold stores?
Unfortunately, EFL 302 is too big to use in a cold store. The cold storage market is less suitable for a 3 ton counterbalance truck with a big chassis.
What is the recommended lowest temperature zone for li-ion batteries?
As long as the charging temperature is above 0 ℃, the battery can run until -20 ℃. And there is no risk even if the room temperature is -25 ℃ or -30 ℃ when the truck is running since the battery will not cool down so fast and it will generate heat and keep the battery temperature above -20 ℃.
We did orders for some of the lithium forklifts for our market here in Saudi Arabia, we started promoting the product with our existing customer mainly in petrochemicals plants. And the worries are overheating and explosion.
EP is using LFP cells in all their trucks. LFP cells are chemically, physically impossible to burn or explode. Lithium technology is much safer than lead-acid because lead-acid batteries will be gassing and then there could be an explosion.

The environment temperature should be below 45 degrees. If the battery itself gets warmer than 65 degrees Celcius, the BMS will give a failure code and switch off the truck.

Note that the truck is not an Atex truck.

Is EFL 302 equipped with a Telematics system?
Yes. All the trucks with lithium batteries and Zapi controllers can be equipped with Telematics. Telematics is able to help with the selling. Customers will be wondering about the running time of the battery, the work status and the proper time to do opportunity charging. With Telematics, you can show them all of these. And you can calm them down and prove to them that forklifts are always being used less intense than they think. When you have a few trucks running with telematics, you show the examples to your new potential customers and convince them of the opportunities with EP li-ion.
Is the telematics on a SIM card or wifi?
Our telematics system is using a SIM card. It stores the data. So whenever the truck has a 4G connection, it will upload all the data to the system.
Looks a good idea to have a Telematics – more in detail – how to get access and show to the customers?
We believe every single lithium forklift truck should have telematics. Check with your sales contact.

We have a training session on Telematics to show you. Connect us on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/epequipment/ to stay tuned on upcoming EP online training sessions and ask your sales contact to put you on the waiting list for next training.

On the website, you also find a specific session for telematics at https://ep-equipment.com/telematics/.

Is this cost built-in for SIM?
Yes, we offer a 1 – 5 year package on our Telematics system. The SIM card is already built-in. And you can enjoy 5 – year data for free since it has been prepaid. So this is an all in package.
Can EFL 302 be charged on a regular 220V outlet?
The 80V/205Ah battery of EFL 302 needs quite an amount of power. So it is equipped with an external high-frequency charger. But it’s a small external charger and input is 16 amps.
What’s the warranty on the battery and how can we repair these batteries on the customer side?
EP uses all new cells. We have a 5-year warranty on the battery where the last two years are discounted warranty. We will give you training on how to open the batteries and repair them. We will also provide you with tools to analyze the batteries.
How much on average to charge the truck based on the same hours over five years?
To get how much it will be spent on charging the battery, you can easily calculate the amount of KW/H. Roughly we pay 0,20 Euro per kWh for the electricity, thus it costs around three Euros to fully charge the battery.

With petrol, we will spend 25-30 Euros a day So we still easily save 20,000 Euros.

How many times and how long per opportunity charge should be done for it to last a 24-hour job?
How many hours is the customer using the truck really? If you are not sure, it can be analyzed from the Telematics how is the usage and when is the time for charging.

The VDI test shows how long the EFL 302 can drive on one battery charge. If your customer does not do 60 cycles/hour, but only 30 cycles/hour, then the truck is able to run double that time. If the truck doesn’t lift 4 meters in the warehouse, only 2 meters, then it can drive 50% more. So some rough indications can be given.

It needs around 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery of EFL 302, which can split up in blocks of 10 or 15 minutes. A 10-15 minutes or half an hour charge during the day and a full charge in night can get you across the 24-hour work.

Remember to use the Palletexpress video as a sample. People from Palletxpress use our CPD30L1 and the telematics reports from those machines show that we can run them 24 hours a day on 1 battery. This reference case is also in the li-ion battery and Telematics training.

If the customer has an application like PalletXpress, you might consider the 30L1 with a bigger battery. If your customer just wants a forklift for up and down use, then take the EFL 302.

Do you have an estimate on the cost of transformation (replacing the diesel engine with li-ion battery)?
For the export market, it’s impossible for us to completely change a truck in terms of CE compliance. Furthermore, it needs labor to change these trucks. The transformation from diesel to electric like you have seen in the video is driven by an idea. Now that the concept works, we can find the best way for the export market. It’s more simple and cheaper to start with new components. These components are produced in China hundreds of thousands of times, all standard high volume parts, so easy and cost-effective to build a new truck.
What are the main advantages of EP Equipment Li-ion forklift against HC Li-ion forklift?What benefits to promote to our client?
The company philosophy is completely different. EP is the only one who can really change the market by making things simple. EP started making compact-sized electric pallet trucks in 2012. At that time, all the other Chinese companies were copying Toyota, Jungheinrich or Linde truck.

EP is known for its revolutionary design and originality that other Chinese competitors do not have. And EP is also the first manufacturer to build a lithium counterbalance truck. Although Heli and Hangcha are our biggest competitors in this field, there is no one who can do what EP is able to do at the moment. 

In Eastern Europe, diesel trucks are still very big. Chinese competitors are still very popular there.
This phenomenon will change. We are not allowed to export the current diesel trucks anymore into Europe due to the new Stage V emission legislation. New diesel trucks on the market will be more expensive and more complicated. So the market will change anyway and you’d better be in front of changing. EP has the power and everything that will make it a big success.
There seems to be a lot of talk about Hangcha. How does EP compare at price with the lithium Hangcha?
Hangcha is a very respectable competitor of ours from China. The diesel forklifts of Hangcha have reasonably good built quality. We believe internationalization is EP’s strong suit when it comes to marketing support and after-sales service overseas. Our after-sales package is much better including telemetics and EP Care. With the well-organized document center on EP-Care, dealers are always able to search for the right spare parts easily and be informed of the change notes.

On a product level, the biggest benefit of EP is that we are at the front of the market with our innovations and own design. The rest of the market is the only copy. We keep innovating valuable models with a reasonable margin at competitive prices. EP has its own lithium technology.

On price level, our EFL 302 offers the best price on the market.

In conclusion, EP stands out from all the Chinese forklift manufacturers from the design concept, marketing support to after-sales support.

Where is the EP’s position compared with HELI on lithium technology?
Similar to the previous question. HELI is good at making diesel trucks. But when it comes to lithium technology, EP is at the front just like the Tesla of electric forklifts.
How can we calculate fuel costs and electricity costs?
We have EP TCO tools where you can go through this. Through this you are allowed to get how much money you will save on fuel and maintenance in 5 years period or 10 period.

Please contact your EP representatives to get the TCO tools.

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