EP Equipment is proud to have such a large number of women working for our team around the world. For the international women’s day today, we are taking time to interview women around the world growing with EP. Let them to share their work experience and stories with EP Equipment.

Xiaoqin Ma, who is the EP automatic vehicle division engineer, responsible for EP X-moving Robot research and development including algorithm development, algorithmically predefined robot routes and so on, X-moving robot makes material handling smarter and more digital, which can optimize human-force moving, freeing more people from simple, repetitive labour, what creation more equal environment for female worker in the industry.

Ma said proudly: “This sense of achievement is overwhelming when you see more and more heavy lifting being done by robots and women have more career options in the material handling industry.”

Li Wu, Management of Deppon Express transfer yard in Jiangsu Province, she’s a female electric forklift driver to fork away the goods in the area to be forked to the correct destination station. and now is training the staff for 5 years.

“For me, it is really my pleasure to drive the electric forklift every day, it is my friendly tool to earn money. The first time I learned how to drive EP electric forklift, I felt that it was not as difficult as I thought. When driving it, the design is suitable in size, the handlebar adopts electronic steering, the turning is flexible, the braking system is upgraded with universal wheel, the biggest benefit is the lithium battery, chance charging using half an hour relax time to fill up the electricity, there is no delay in working, EP forklift is really remarkable. The designer of the forklift truck is really remarkable, the national logistics and express companies trust this product! Now I’m successfully trained and handle important work into different workplace. Here learned a lot in my position, a promotion and a pay rise, and continue to work hard in my future career! ”

Joke De Smedt, sales operations support for France from our EP DC in Belgium, worked 14 years as a lighting specialist and B2B team leader of the Light Gallery showroom in Drogenbos, mainly responsible for making light plans, sold lightbulbs and informed customers on fairs and in EP showroom about products and services. “It feels great to be a woman at EP Equipment! I’ve always been the woman in a man’s world in my career and since I’ve started at EP nobody pointed me out as a woman in a male dominated industry, which I was used too in my former job.


EP treats their employees as people and individuals and they make no differences between man or woman which is the perfect way to operate. ” So as Joke said, more and more women have joined the business in EP at EP DC Belgium in Dworp, “More woman then men which is something very unique in this industry! As a woman I am more sensitive and I care, not only about the business but about every person around me. This means that when supporting sales for France I can understand and support people through their journey.” To design products that simple work, we’re creating equal working environment for everyone, Let’s grow together!