We started off the new year with the launch of our brand-new autonomous pallet truck. The XP15 is simple, small, and compact. It has a unique navigation system that is not existing in the market so far.

At the same time, its usage as a co-bot makes it a special tool for simple assistance in the warehouse. This robot doesn’t mean to replace what the human does, instead it has been created to help the workers by doing the repetitive activities. This certainly allows warehouses to reduce labour costs and increase efficiency and productivity.

It is also the first robot to break the price barrier. This robot is fully ready for only €25.000.

What are the main features of AMR from EP?

Your best co-worker

As already mentioned, XP15 doesn’t mean to replace workers in the warehouse, but to help them. Furthermore, it can be operated not only as an autonomous mobile robot but also as an electric pallet truck and the switch between the two functions can be done simply by pushing a button.

Flexible to change application

The XP15 offers route settings and transportation task monitoring via Bluetooth, and you can add new routes and stations quickly on your phone via the mobile app.

Plug-in battery design

24V/60Ah Li-ion battery that allows an easy and flexible charging together with the plug-in battery design. The battery can be fully charge in 2/3 hours.

Maximum personal safety protection

The XP15 is equipped with bumper strips and Lidar detectors that prevent the truck from collision.

Autonomous Mobile Robots: Meet XP15, the €25.000 robot!

With our simple solution technology in mind, EP Equipment introduces the XP15 Autonomous Mobile Robot to the portfolio. From the start, EP has a focus on products that simply work. Simple design, easy operation, easy after sales. This robot is the next step for material handling solutions worldwide.

Anyone can install the robot with the simple use of the EP mobile phone app. The robot is powered by an EP Plug-in lithium-ion battery pack similar to the one that we know from the manual pallet trucks, of which there are thousands in the market already.

A great innovation, based on proven technology and design concepts. The robot brings efficiency to the warehouse, while keeping it simple and avoiding complexity.

 Plug and Play

Plug and play, installation within one day and for a price of 25.000 Euro. Welcome to the automated pallet truck from EP Equipment. This is the Robot as a tool. The pallet truck is available to purchase in Europe from now and will be exhibited and operating at LogiMat 2023.

 Sushi-bar, Bus-stop or Taxi mode

In the B-Version (Eur 20.000), the robot runs a loop along the assembly line to feed with goods or for the work stations to give the robots the finished goods back to the warehouse. Eventual stops can be pre-programmed.

In The B+ version (Eur 25.000), the robot drops off the pallet at its destination and comes back empty.

 Co-bot: The best co-worker

With conventional Robots, the user is not supposed to interfere in the operation. As a Co-bot, the EP robot can operate how you decide. The user can switch to manual operation easily. Take the robot, pick up or drop off a pallet like a conventional pallet truck and then by the push of a button send the robot back to his task.

The robot works like a tool, as an assistant of the warehouse workers and production lines. The robot does not have the ambition to replace people, the robot will help the warehouse workers with repetitive tasks.

 100% Unique 2D visual navigation system

The key to the simple use and price level is the navigation system. This is a leapfrog technology that allows a new style of set up and usage. With absolute positioning, the robot always knows its position and can find back his way to the route.

An additional benefit of navigation by the roof is that the view is free of obstacles. The technology is transferred from a proven field of research in optical analysis and has 2 years of experience operating on pallet trucks. After over 100 robot projects have been developed in Asia, the product is now ready for the European market. This product is the next revolution.

 Stand-alone installation

The set-up of the robot can be completed by the end-user, with a simple and user-friendly APP on phone or tablet. Programming, set up and switching between tasks is simply done by Bluetooth.

TCO: Payback with 10 pallets per day

How many pallets per hour does a warehouse worker transport? How much does each pallet movement cost? Already with 10 pallets per day you can earn back the investment.

The additional costs of this automated pallet truck are limited compared to conventional lithium powered pallet trucks in the market. A long TCO calculation is not needed. This robot is a simple tool to help in production and warehouse.

Dealer day

On the 15th of February, we got the opportunity to present the XP15 to eight dealers from the Netherlands and Belgium at a workshop hosted by Equipment4U.

The dealers were curious about how the robot knows where it is located within the warehouse. In fact, the XP15 has absolute positioning, with random labeling and visual navigation which allows the vehicle to know at anytime its position. This is possible thanks to reflector stickers that were stuck on the roof. The stickers application on warehouses’ high ceilings is done with the help of a ‘fishing rod’.

It is important to highlight that the dealers also mentioned how interesting the lithium plugin battery is. You can charge the machine whenever you need like you would charge your phone, all you need is a plug.

Another common question was whether an internet connection was necessary to make the XP15 work. It’s not, the robot only requires Wi-Fi during the setup phase (hotspot from a phone is enough); once the setup is done, the robot works completely autonomous offline as it has already learned the task and does it continuously.

Dealers were very interested and see big opportunities in small and big enterprises, such as production environments, and suddenly many ideas came up on how the machine could be used. They liked to see the robot and try themselves to set it up, and one of the most appreciated traits was for sure the simplicity of the concept.

Every dealer was thinking about how their customers could take advantage of the XP15 in their daily activities, and we are excited to see our robot make your lives easier and operate in your warehouses!

Daaf Vunderinck, owner of Equipment4U told our team: “As always, EP Equipments keeps surprising us with new innovative products and for sure with the EP Robot program. Very easy to install and for a mind-blowing price which I am convinced will change the market again like to introduction of the EPT20-15ET pallet truck years ago. EP Equipment is setting standards for future warehouse equipment, and we are very proud to be a distributor for them for the Dutch market.

Our dealers were very impressed about the functionalities of the EP Robot and are looking forward to bringing this product to the market and do demo’s at their customers”

To find out more about XP15 from EP Equipment, contact us now!