Group Buying Promotion

The EP community is commited to changing the industry again. During last weeks first ever Group Buying event in Europe, an unimaginable total of 10,016 F-SeriesElectric Pallet Trucks were sold during 11-11 singles day. The international dealer community of EP has shown their strength and commitment to change the industry once again.

Withe the message of “CHANGE THE PRICE”  we encouraged our community to be part of EP group buying to get the best priced pallet trucks in the market. This year we saw EP Equipment bring group buying to the export market for the first time as we enable our global dealer community to purchase together and DIRECTLY impact the price they pay.

During the group buying activities, we have exceeded our original goal of 6.000 units significantly receiving orders for more than 10.000 units F Series to be shipped by the end of the year to our export markets.
“While group buying has been a common activity in the Chinese market, it was new to our international partners, but quickly they realised the advantages of transparent pricing, digital purchasing processes and the feeling of buying as a community” said John He CEO of EP “We are proud of the success of our community and look forward to a strong growth in 2023 together with our partners”.

This promotion will ended at our Global Dealer Event in Belgium on November 9th 2022 and we saw first hand the power of the EP Community to change the Material Handling Industry.


Event Day Success

EP’s group buying promotion was enhanced by the addition of our first ever Global Dealer Event where welcomed dealers from all over the world to AED Studios in Antwerp! With dealers from Singapore, Argentina, Mexico and more we had been building up to this for only 8 weeks and the feedback from our community has been incredible:

“I just want to say a massive thank you to you and your team for your hospitality at the EP Dealer Meeting, it really was an incredible day and quite unbelievable when you consider how little time you had to plan and arrange the event.

I cannot fault any part of the day, you had some amazing & innovate products on display, your presentations were interesting & informative and the venue was fantastic and to say that we were all there for almost 12 hours the day passed very quickly, it truly was the most perfect event possible.” – Simon Penny-Smith, Fork Truck Solutions, United Kingdom.


The event included:

  • Live panel discussion covering topics like “Changing your business with EP Equipment” and “EP Equipment in Heavy Duty Application”   with our EP Experts and Long Term Partners
  • New and exclusive market-changing product releases as we launch the next generation  EFL 3 Series Lithium- Ion Forklift Truck, optimised design, shorter, better in every way!
  • The final stages and results of our biggest ever European Group buying experience and the opportunity to benefit from a market changing promotion.
  • The introduction of our new AI Robot as we prepare to launch the industry into the future once again.
  • The introduction of a whole new series of class III equipment into the global market.
  • Our 7t and 10t lithium trucks with opportunities to test drive a wide range of trucks from our portfolio including our new releases!
  •  A one off opportunity for global networking with international dealers and to see the future of material handling and be a part of changing the industry again!

We also celebrated growth in our community over the last 12 Months with our first ever European Dealer Awards 2022. Our Award Winners deserve an honourable mentions here for contributing to our amazing successes this year. At EP Equipment we celebrate growth and change and winners with EP know that these 2 abilities are key to success with our products. They winners are as follows:



Award nomination Country Winner
Best Marketing Europe UK Forktruck Solutions Limited
Heavy Duty Application Europe UK ARMILL LIFT TRUCKS LTD
Dealer of the Year… Netherland Be Green Logistic
Dealer of the Year… Belgium Van den Dorpe Handling Equipment
Dealer of the Year… Norway Truckpartner Norge AS
Dealer of the Year… Poland Irapol sp. z o.o.
Dealer of the Year… Hungary HOROSZCOOP Anyagmozgatás Kft.
Dealer of the Year… Ireland Clearlift Material handling Ltd
Dealer of the Year… Romania KLASS HYDRAULIKS S.R.L.
Dealer of the Year… Germany Holthuis Gabelstapler Vertrieb GmbH
Dealer of the Year… France LOUTZ
Dealer of the Year… Turkey UZMAN FORKLIFT
Dealer of the Year… Italy EL.-ID.SERVICE S.R.L.
Dealer of the Year… Spain Tomi Maquinaria
Dealer of the Year… Austria  ZEIDLER Stapler GmbH
Dealer of the Year… UK PHL (UK) Ltd
Distribution Partner Netherland Equipment 4 U B.V.
Distribution Partner Italy KFE Srl
Distribution Partner Poland BLACHDEKER Sp. z o.o.


Thank You!

Some thank you messages from our team:
To our partners TVH CAM attachments and RAVAS Mobile Weighing for participating and supporting us

To our panel discussion participants from Clearlift Material Handling Ltd, Armill Lift Trucks, Forktruck Solutions Ltd – Join the Lithium Power Revolution, PHL (UK) Ltd, Tomi Maquinaria for giving us their time and expertise.

To our global EP team for the support to create the event in just 6 weeks thank you!

And of course to our fantastic global dealership community who make our market changing sales records possible!

Let’s change the market again and again and again, let’s grow together!