On the 29th and 30th of June, 2022, EP Equipment 629 New Product Announcement kicked off at the new plant, EP North Industrial Park at Anji, which was triple the size of last year’s event. Over 1,000 industry professionals, media guests, and EP’s partners came to Anji and enjoyed this annual summer gathering.


Continuing with last year’s theme of “building a greener future,” EPs new shout out “Let’s grow together” is this year to urge for dealers to combat climate change and the oil crisis with lithium material handling equipment. In this event, EP debuted an array of new product lines showing dealers that EP has more to help transform their business through forward-thinking design and technology.

Hightlight #1: The completed EFL series catering operators’ needs at all tonnages

That battery performance has increased as well as durability, while pollution-reducing regulations have been strict, making electric forklifts much more attractive today than they were ten years ago. EP’s diesel converted EFL series has hit the market in 2020 and has soon become a buzz in the industry due to the combination advantage of both diesel and lithium trucks. At this 629 event, EP has announced a completed EFL series by introducing the 10-18ton EFL trucks and also announced the new generation of the series featuring better operation experience through all detailed improvements from market feedback.

Highlight #2: F Series outshine the venue with cost-saving packaging optimization


Featuring the unique platform F, the F series has shipped over 5,000 units since its’ release in April. To sustain the momentum of F4, EP debuted the rest of the family at 629 for industry, retail, and logistics applications and showcased the optimal packaging solution for cost-saving operations throughout the distribution cycle. The series conveys a strong message of easy storage, long standby and market-proven components for endurance that maximizes competitiveness in the market.

Highlight #3: EP prioritized the needs of international customers with dual-drive and reach truck series


With the aim of boosting sales abroad, EP expands into mainstream global preferences by releasing a new series of dual-drive three wheel li-ion powered forklifts, the TVL series, to respond the needs for optimizing warehouse space utilization and increase productivity.





In addition, EP re-introduced the CQD20L(B), the reach truck series that fully designed around all the advantages of Li-Ion technology for precise stacking, quiet operation and high stability. The compact design and upgrade functionality reinforce operation visibility and workplace safety.



Highlight #4: EP’s introduced latest X-Mover operation system to help business get most out of AMR for intralogistics

Warehouse automation is by far the latest trend in intralogistics. To respond to the market, EP unveiled new ways to deploy the X-Mover robots to release warehousing full potential in intralogitics 4.0. Visitors were invited to interact with X-Movers on-site to get a comprehensive understanding about how AMR help drive a more efficient, resilient, and sustainable business.

Join EP and let’s grow together.

“We must accelerate the adoption of latest technology for product innovation to keep up with the market trend and connect with our customers… Furthermore, to explore new opportunities.”said the founder of EP Equipment, John He. Connecting to our community is at the heart of EP’s vision. With new technology, innovative products, and keen eyes on market needs, we are confident to identify further market opportunities with innovative product solutions for an adventure of the growth of the business.