Finally an opportunity to be together again as EP Dealers from BE and NE were invited by sales manager Michael Smith to visit our Belgium DC for a dealer event. The event was held across 2 days and was an opportunity for some of our dealers to visit us in person for the very first time.


Presentations and Updates

With an introduction from VP Bennit Schmieder the dealers were welcomed to the event with EP background and information about the message and story of EP Equipment.

Following presentations from Katie Oakley, Arjan van Zanten, Véronique Michiels and Matthijis de Bruijn covered Marketing, New Products, After sales and EP Energy.

With presentations held n a mixture of English and Dutch our multi language team was used to its full potential to provide our dealers with an informative session on working with EP Equipment and how to make the most of the resources provided to EP dealers as part of our customer service and dealer support systems.


EP Dealer Awards

For the first time ever EP Equipment Sales Manager Michael Smith highlighted specific dealers from the two countries who really stood out through 2021. In a hard year for businesses globally many EP dealers found themselves growing and developing more than ever before and we celebrated these successes by highlighting the highest performing new dealers, the dealers who grew the most and those dealers who used marketing as a tool to promote and enhance their company when face to face sales were not so easy.

Congratulations to 2021 dealer award winners:


Growth: Vanderspek
De Limiet 14, 4131 NR Vianen, Netherlands

Marketing: Equipment 4 U
Groot Overeem 9A-12, 3927 GH Renswoude, Netherlands

Newcomer: Totaallift
Bentelosestraat 58 B, 7497 MR Bentelo, Netherlands


Growth: Vandendorpe
Westerring 7, 9700 Oudenaarde,  Belgium

Marketing: Goossens Heftrucks
Ambachtenlaan 10, 9080 Lochristi

Newcomer: ACD Handling
Breedveld 37, 1702 Dilbeek


European Warehouse Visit

The dealers were transported by bus to visit our European Warehouse in Lembeek to test drive our equipment and have lunch surrounded by the hundred of trucks available on stock.


Dealer Dinner

A dealer dinner in a local restaurant was held to celebrate a successful few years for our dealers from both countries and the sun shone down as our dealers and EP team dined outside. Moments like this really show how connected our global dealership network is as dealers with the same products from the same countries are unified by EP’s message and drive to grow together.

Want to join our global dealership network like our dealers above and start the growth of your business with EP Equipment? Contact our team today!