This February 2022 EP Equipments German partners gathered together to welcome the latest new and ground breaking innovation to the EP catalogue. The Beast has arrived in Europe in the form of the EP EFL702 .

Electric goes BIG. Now that Li-ion forklifts are established in the market, we see more and more demand for heavier electric trucks as well. With the EFL702 counterbalance we are soon to add an affordable li-ion 7 ton truck to our innovative range of equipment and increase the range available in our market changing EFL Series. Plus, no need worry on how to get this truck through the day. With all the benefits of lithium-ion, opportunity charging means you will be able to charge the truck during operator down time and the EFL702 features a strong chassis , which ensures the durability and longevity of the truck.

At EP Equipment we value the opinions of our dealer and end users as these are the ground level industry experts that can support and drive forward the vision and goal we share at EP Equipment. This means that with the launch of the EFL702, the opportunity to invite our most valuable assets, our dealers, to preview and drive the latest model was taken and the feedback was incredible.

EP Equipment’s German Sales Manager Julian Bueter told the team; “The event was a  success and a great opportunity for our German partners to get a feel for the truck and just how well it operates. With such a range of dealers being part of the the EP team, there was a variety of knowledge and experience with other brands available and the opinions on the EFL702 were exceptional. With all the benefits of lithium-ion and the 7t lifting capabilities the EFL702 this truck is challenging perceptions of just how much lithium-ion can handle and has impressed our dealer network and their customers.”

Arjan van Zanten, VP Business Development Europe at EP shared his thoughts on the EFL702`s place in the market; “The EFL702 7t is a great new asset to EPs family of lithium ion forklifts. With the familiarity of the established chassis and mechanical components as we know them from the diesel trucks, and the proven EP battery technology the EFL702 is made up of all the best components from EP Equipment. The battery is big enough to last through the day for  customers, and if required, opportunity charging is made easy so the truck is always available when you need it. I like the idea of being able to connect 2 chargers simultaneously for faster charging at low current and itis nice to hear the positive feedback from the market, especially from the rental companies who will add this truck to their rental fleets.


The EFL702


Li-ion Technology


The EFL702 adapts LFP Li-ion battery and there is no maintenance fee with no air filter, oil filter, engine oil or starter battery installed on the truck. Thanks to opportunity charging, this forklift can be charged at preferable time during the day without disrupting working schedules.


Thoughtful control strategy for operation safety


EFL702 comes with a master BMS board and two slave controllers to lower the risks of truck suspension due to battery failure. When one controller is down, operators are able to drive the truck back to the shop for inspection and repair without calling for roadside assistance.


Multi chargers fulfilling different needs


The EFL702 is equipped with an external

three-phase charger as standard. To meet users’ working shifts and conditions, dual chargers are available, which provides more flexibility and convenience.




EFL702 offers EP’s latest Telematics. It provides the following features to facilitate your fleet management:

  • Truck location in real time
  • Reports of truck usages and diagnosis
  • Li-ion battery condition analytics


Lift More, Move More, Handle More
EP EFL 702 will change the game.

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