Hardy Klapproth joins EP Equipment as Technical Manager Europe -. As the dealer network of EP Equipment in Europe has grown steadily, we decided to enroll more experts to join the EU team to provide timely and professional services to dealers of the region.

Today we would like to introduce Hardy Klapproth, EP’s new technical expert in the EP Care team, to all of our dealers in Europe. Hardy is a fan of EP Equipment for a long time already and is now joining our team in Europe. As a technical manager, Hardy will further guide the new products to the market, guard our quality and product improvements, and assure the most effective and efficient after-sales support to our customers.

 Self-introduction of Hardy Klapproth

Before getting to know Hardy, let’s see what he sees in EP and what he wants ro say to EP:

“My name is Hardy Klapproth and I work for EP Equipment since first October of this year. I’m from Bremen, Germany and I’m working in the forklift business for about 13 years now. Before EP, I was working for Willenbrock (Linde) and HanseLifter. I know EP since 2011. At that time I was working for HanseLifter and we were searching for a new supplier of stackers and electric pallet trucks. When I was testing the stackers from EP I was amazed of the overall quality and the design. Further I was impressed how fast the EP Team was responding to questions. Also, when I had suggestions for improvements, EP was very open-minded and was very fast with the implementation of the technical changes. In the year 2012 I met John He for the first time and I was impressed by his effort, his will for permanent search for improvement, being ahead of the competition, not resting on the reached.

Right now, after a couple of years, I’m working in this great team. Now I’m working as a technical manager for EP. My job is to ensure good technical support for all our dealers. If there is a problem that cannot be solved by yourself or your technician, I’m the link between you and EP. If there is something regarding a technical issue you can contact me and we will work on a solution together. Also if you have questions, ideas or suggestions regarding technical issues, quality or improvements you are welcome to contact me. “

We are very happy that Hardy chose EP as the next step in his career and look forward to working together with him as an international team with a local presence!

If you are seeking any technical support in the region of Europe, feel free to send him an email at hardy.klapproth@ep-equipment.eu